I Am Finally Home from the Navy

I got back home about six months after four years in the U.S Navy. I spent a lot of that time on a Los Angeles class submarine, different ones and I am not supposed to talk much about that however. At any rate I learned a lot about computer science and I have been working for a company that does things like bitcoin trader and wealth management things. In fact the job is pretty easy for me. They have a good IT department and the guy that is in charge is the sort of guy who likes to do it all himself. He hired me for a specific purpose, although it involves stuff that the Navy told me not to talk about. Like every other guy around he seems to be fascinated by blockchain and it’s implications for cybersecurity. So that is my job, although a lot of what I know are things that I learned on my own.

If you like girls then a submarine is not the best place in the world, but on the other hand you have very few distractions. That can drive a lot of guys nuts. Of course the naval does careful psych evaluations, a sub goes out and you do not see the sun again for a long time, so you have to be mentally prepared for it. Myself I used that time to learn things and I taught myself even more about computer science than the Navy taught me. Right now it is really coming into use for me and I am pretty happy when they give me the check every two weeks. Better even I have been able to find a really sweet girlfriend with very little effort. An old friend of mine invited me to a party one night and I met her right away.