My Boys Want to Make It Through College

Both of my sons are trying so hard to make it through college. Their father died earlier this year, and both of our children are still grieving. In talking with my sister about it, she told me about which is a site that her son used as extra help to get him through his own computer science classes. I told both of my boys that I would pay for the service if they promise to go to counseling. Their college offers free counseling, and they need help of a counselor to get them through their grief more easily.

I do not expect my boys to get over their father’s death quickly. However, the two of them have told me that they do not want to drop out of school. They want to continue on to get their degree because that’s what their father wanted for them. At the same time, they are struggling to stay in school because of depression. They live in my house, so I see them spending a lot of time on studying and doing their homework. That is really hard to do when you have a lot of emotional thoughts due to grief running through your mind.

My oldest son was the first to say that he would go to counseling, and he was able to get his younger brother onboard with going to counseling a couple of times per week as well. They both feel that it is helping. In the meantime, when they have any sort of paper to write, I give the information to the people at the homework helper site, and they write the paper themselves. This gives my two kids the extra time needed to get through their homework. As long as the two of them continue to push hard in school and go to counseling, I will continue to get them extra help, too.