Winning the Fight Against Thinning Hair

I was faced with a tough hair dilemma recently. A section of hair in the front of my head had started thinning. I was beginning to look like a famous character from a televisions how who was known for his receding hair line. I was afraid that my hair would continue to thin until I would only be left with a small patch of hair on the back of my head. I made an appointment with an aesthetic clinic in Orchard so their specialists could take a look at my head and determine the best course of treatment.

After the specialists at the clinic had the chance to examine my head, they determined that I should use a treatment that consists of using a special shampoo, taking an oral medication, and using a special laser cap. This was my first time hearing about the laser cap. I’ve heard of other people using shampoos and oral medicines for hair loss, but I didn’t know when the cap first started being used. The cap has lasers aimed at the scalp that activate the follicles to grow more hair. I wonder if the device was created as a hair loss treatment by accident, the same way that some of the medications were made originally for high blood pressure.

I felt a little silly wearing the laser cap, but I was impressed with the results. A month of using the combined treatment resulted in the thinning patch of hair at the front of my head growing back in full. It’s a good thing that I didn’t listen to those people who told me that I would be better off shaving my head completely bald. They insisted that bald men look sexy, but all I could think about was that one famous bald comic book villain.