Apple iPad 1 Review

iPad 1 Review will give you all the information you need to know before you decide to buy i pad 1, including price and where to buy ipad 1 for sale.

This device doesn’t come cheap. Along with its pricey tag is this question. How good is the iPad ebook reader in providing a great high-end reading experience? Before deciding on getting yourself your very own iPad, these might be the question in your mind. Taking the price of this gadget into consideration it is just fine to wonder.

I’m here to help you out. We will tackle how different the Apple iPad 1 eReader and compare it with the other top eReadering devices on the market. We have the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook for comparison. Let’s begin with the specs.

Looking at the iPad ereader, we tried to point out the following facet to mull over:

Being well aware of how the Apple iPad 1 appears, we can easily visualize the difference it has from the Kindle and Nook. iPad has a 9.7-inch LCD screen which is not that far from the Kindle DX’s screen. It is also half an inch thicker than Kindle 3 and the Nook which both has a 6-inch screen. Due to the iPad’s bigger screen,taking it with you can be troublesome.

The iPad’s weigh of 1.5-lbs is also not advantageous. It’s not a big deal when all you want is a light reading and just a few clicks on the internet. However, for addicted bookworms like me who would always try to finish a book or two in a matter of hours, this gadget may bring some difficulties.

Battery Issues
The built in A4 chip inside each Apple  i Pad 1 are custom built to enhance power usage and efficiency. It is amazing how you can do so many tasks like browsing the online stores or reading books using it with its battery on a ten-hour life span. On the other hand, using it without any sure way to recharge it might not be a good idea. You always have to get your charger ready even during the long hours of reading. You’ll always have to bear in mind to recharge it if it runs out of battery.

Access to eBooks
Knowing that Amazon currently has the most number of titles on its online Kindle stores based on blogs and threat posts is not a new info anymore. With over 700,000 titles in possession, Amazon is a wonderful source for eBooks. In contrary, iBooks which are used by the iPad reader has small number of titles amounting to 60,000. The good things about getting an iPad reader is its capability to absorb other apps for ereaders like the Kindle App or the Nook App which warrants its access to the Kindle store as well as in the Barnes & Nobles. It’s also great to know that iPads are ePub activated which means they can access free Google books found in local e-libraries.

What is the 3G for?
iPad released its models with Wi-Fi only and 3G+Wi-Fi styles. 3G wireless connectivity enhances the convenience of using an ereader. It enables you to browse the web, send emails and even open facebook. However, the 3G service is only available through a plan which amounts to $15 a month. Opting for the Amazon Kindle, the Nook or even Sony will save you that much since they offer wireless 3G services for free.