Best Microbead Pillow Review

Microbead Pillows Features

What you should know

A microbead pillow is a soft pillow that is filled with tiny polystyrene beads or Latex particles that can squish and mold to your head. Some people often think of beanbags when you refer to microbeads, and although they are similar, pillows tend to be firmer.

The beads that are used are far smaller than in a beanbag, and in some pillows, they are 0.3mm in diameter. Often the beads are called snow beads as they look like a fresh layer of snow when emptied out onto the floor. This style of the pillow has been extremely popular as it can be therapeutic as well as comfortable. If you suffer from medical conditions, this pillow may be able to help.

Materials and Usage

The outer material of this pillow is a soft, stretchy fabric, typically nylon lycra or spandex as these allow the beads to move freely. As you move throughout the night, you want the pillow to conform to your body.
Due to the fact that the pillow molds with ease, they are often chosen when you need a supporting pillow. If you suffer with any neck complaints, these pillows can be the answer to your problems and help you to get a superb night’s sleep.

Safety Concerns

These pillows are incredibly safe and are excellent for people who suffer from allergies and struggle to sleep all night. These pillows encourage the flow of air and do not attract bed bugs or dust mites, which makes them an attractive choice.
They are also not toxic and can be used by every member of the family, even people who get hot at night. It remains at one temperature and does not make you heat up at the night. The pillow is hypoallergenic and attracts no bacteria or fungus in or around the materials, which is a massive bonus.

How to Care for

Microbead pillows need to be kept clean like any other pillow; however, they are extremely easy to care for and clean. You need to make sure that you do not use sharp objects around the pillow or it may burst.
You may have to spot clean the microbead pillow to ensure that any oil spots from your hair or face are removed. Once you have wiped away the dirt, you need to allow the pillow to dry naturally. Do not place the pillow in either the washer or dryer as this will destroy the beads and pillow.

Life Span

This style of the pillow is durable and can last for many years if you take care of it correctly and buy a quality pillow. There are some pillows available, and these tend to break easily and become saggy and uncomfortable. Therefore, if you intend to purchase one of these pillows make sure it is a quality pillow.

HoMedics SqUsh Blue Tube Pillow

The HoMedics SqUsh Blue Tube Pillow is a tube-shaped pillow that contains high-volume beads and fabric consisting of nylon spandex. The high-quality stitching increases the durability of the pillow as well. This pillow is stretchable as well as squishy for those who enjoy a soft touch.


There are various benefits that accrue to the owner of the Blue Tube Pillow. This includes a high-quality cover made of spandex as well as an overall high-quality pillow that also contains a double lock, internal stitching. The squishiness and the softness of the pillow make it ideal for comfort and can be used behind the head, neck, or even placed on the chest.

The durability of the pillow is another significant advantage as you won’t have to look for a replacement any time soon. Its portability is another advantage of the pillow and can be made use of in long road trips or even in trains. At $20, it is a pretty good buy considering the benefits it provides.


While some people appreciated the squishiness and softness of the pillow, others found it to be a bit too flimsy for their tastes and preferred a harder, sturdier pillow. Meanwhile, some complaints have focused on the pillow tearing too quickly and spilling out all the beads from within. Also, a few of the users had an issue with a chemical smell that was emanating from the pillow, though most users did not report such a smell.


Overall, if you are looking for a soft, malleable pillow that is easily portable, then the HoMedics Blue Tube Pillow is a good choice for you.

The ability of the pillow to adjust itself according to the person using it has helped increase the comfort level of the user and hence, is perfect for people who get a stiff neck from sleeping with a hard pillow.

Pinzon Basics Micro Bead Medium Density Therapy Pillow

The Pinzon Micro Bead Therapy Pillow is a medium density pillow that provides support while the millions of microbeads that are present inside the pillow help it to retain its shape and cradle the neck and head. The cover of the pillow is made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex. Meanwhile, the Velour pillowcase is 30% polyester while the remainder is comprised of cotton.


Although it may seem a bit firm in the beginning, with time (around 10 days or so), the pillow will loosen up which will substantially increase the comfort level. As mentioned above, the microbeads I the pillow adjust according to your neck and shoulders and cradle your neck to bring about the sensation of relaxation.

Meanwhile, the firmness of the pillow is great for those who suffer from neck pain due to their neck not remaining straight while sleeping. You also do not have to significantly fluff the pillow as the microbeads automatically ensure that the pillow’s shape does not deteriorate much. This pillow is not only for sleeping; it can also be used for back support at work, home, or even in the car.


If you do not break the pillow in, it may be a bit too firm for your taste as the beads do not give way easily. However, this problem can be cleared up in a few days as the pillow does not remain as firm as when it is new. The main issue that users have had with the pillow relates to its hardness.


If you can wait a few days to let the pillow soften a bit and avail the ample benefits it provides, then the Pinzon Micro Bead Therapy Pillow is a great choice for you. At $21, this pillow is well worth the price.

Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head Cushion

The Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head Cushion is a log-shaped pillow that is made of 15% spandex and the remainder is made out of polyester. It has been completely filled with polystyrene. The pillow even exhibits a 3D print shape that resembles a log. Its aim is to provide comfort to your head and neck when you use it. It has been filled with microbeads, and the size of the pillow is 14 by 6-1/4 inch diameter.


The microbeads that are present within the pillow allow the pillow to be squishy when the need arises while they also help ensure that the log cushion remains firm if you require support from it. Not only does it adequately support your head, it also provides substantial support to your neck. Furthermore, the comfortable fabric is a bonus point as well.

Its relatively short size allows it to be portable and hence, can be used during travel too. As it is lightweight, carrying the pillow will not be a cumbersome task either. The comfort level and relaxation provided at the meager price of $13 is unmatched.


A chemical smell may originate from the pillow, which is obviously a nuisance for the owners of such a pillow. However, this smell disseminates over a short period of time (few days at most) after which it will not be a problem. Meanwhile, the seam of the pillow has been said to split by various users, which led to the beads within the pillow spilling out.


If you want a log-shaped, comfortable pillow at a very reasonable price, then the Kikkerland Head Cushion is definitely going to be a good choice for you.

It is cheap, comfortable and provides substantial relaxation to your neck and head.