Kindle Battery Buying Guide

Kindle Battery: Buying Guide -The Amazon Kindle is one of the best selling gadgets today, and is coveted by people who love to read. A battery or replacement battery is one of the best accessories to buy when purchasing a Kindle. This buying guide, meant for those who are interested in purchasing the best Kindle battery and making sure that they get the most life out of their Kindle, discusses the top five batteries. These batteries are available at Amazon and a lot of them are highly rated by other consumers who have purchased them. They vary in cost, with a few costing as little as $12 and others costing approximately $30. 1. Lenmar 1530 mAh Kindle Battery for Amazon Kindle 1 Book Reader The top choice for consumers is the Lenmar 1530 mAh for the Amazon Kindle 1 e-reader. An excellent choice, this battery is well-loved due to the fact that it allows you to leave the Kindle on all day long and only charge it once a week. This battery has a 3.7 volt and a Li-Poly NoMem battery. If you want to buy the battery, the model number is ERDA100. Made by Beach Audio, it is available for purchase on Amazon. The battery can be purchased for $21.95 and the ASIN number is B001OF5FCI. 2. Dek Cell Replacement Battery Dek Cell’s replacement battery for the Kindle 1 is highly recommended. Many customers like the fact that it provides the Kindle with extra charge time. It is among the top choices for the best battery for kindle. It features a 3.7 volt and includes a one year replacement warranty, something that a number of customers find to be helpful. In addition, the cost is very reasonable at $14.65 with the ASIN number being B002EIQ2H8. BrilliantStore is the manufacture and it sells on Amazon. 3. Amazon Kindle Replacement Kindle Battery Amazon also sells their own replacement battery for a mere $19.99. This battery can be recharged at 1530 mAh capability and has a lithium polymer-base. Another benefit to this battery is that it can be recycled and it can be totally charged in a mere two hours. The battery can be located and bought on Amazon. 4. Flashpoint Replacement Battery For people with somewhat limited funds that are seeking the best  battery for Kindle, the Flashpoint replacement battery for the Kindle is a superior choice. This battery possesses some of the identical features and advantages found in some more expensive batteries. Available on Amazon via Bedford Power for just $12.90, the ASIN number is B0032GUKUY. It has 3.7 volts and has a 1530 mAh capability. The battery will keep its charge for a long time, and Kindle readers will appreciate the inexpensive price when they buy it. 5. High Capacity Kindle Battery For AMAZON Kindle II Li-ion 1530Mah  People who want to get a battery that has a warranty will be interested in the High Capacity battery for the Amazon Kindle 2. Manufactured by CS Technology, the battery for Kindle costs just $15.10 and comes with a one-year limited warranty. This battery for Kindle is recognized as one of the best batteries available, and is essential for anyone who needs a replacement or for people who just want to have an extra battery on hand as a backup. The battery has 1530 mAh capability and the model […]

Kindle 2 Leather Covers

Kindle 2 leather covers – Look here for images of the latest in Leather Jackets for Kindle. Leading name designers have created a fine leather cover for Amazon. There’s nothing better than the fine new official leather cover for Amazon Kindle. It’s really great that Amazon decided to make its official Kindle 2 cover available in leather. You can rest easy knowing that the cover was created by the people who designed the Kindle. This Kindle 2 leather covers features a hinge & strap (patent pending) to keep your eReader securely in place. Your Kindle will be very well protected in this stylish, sturdy, genuine leather cover. On the inside, you will find soft suede in a charcoal gray color. This added touch will pad your Kindle 2 and protect it from scratches. You will also appreciate the fact that this leather cover for Kindle 2 is lightweight and doesn’t weigh your eReader down. The cover is light-weight, since it only weighs 6 and a half ounces. Lastly, the shied gives fast accessibility to your Kindle 2’s different features and buttons. It is a Kindle accessory that most people want to have! You can purchase the Amazon Kindle 2 Leather Covers for only $34.99 each It’s called M-Edge GO! M-Edge Go! is a leather jacket designed for Kindle. This leather cover was created just for the Kindle 2. It has a slender and sleek appearance and uses a Kindle-compatible hinge system. Your electronic device is kept in place by two elastic straps. This leather cover comes in genuine leather. Its surface is a rich, pebbled purple! If you don’t want your Kindle to be too bulky, you’ll love this slim, low profile cover. All of the Kindle’s ports and buttons are readily available through the custom designed cutouts. Fashion conscious Kindle fans will be happy to know that the slip cover is available in ten colors: sapphire blue, pebbled saddle brown, pebbled navy blue, jade green, smooth light pink, pebbled purple, pebbled fuchsia, smooth mocha, smooth black and marbled red. You can purchase the M-Edge GO! Kindle 2 Leather Covers for only $29.98. Hinged Leather Kindle Cover – Surely you are familiar with designer Diane von Furstenberg. She has created a lovely leather cover for Kindle 2 that you are sure to want, the Diane von Furstenberg Kallie Leather Clutch for Kindle 2. One of the great names in American fashion inspired the design for this leather Kindle cover. It features a fashionable zebra print on leather of the highest quality to make you look great and keep your Kindle 2 safe. It comes equipped with a signature bright gold DVF charm and business card slots on the inside as a bonus. Thanks to the Kindle-compatible hinge, you will never have to worry about your Kindle slipping around as you go through your day. It will stay securely in place and will never drop out of its cover. Are you thinking about giving that special someone an eBook reader as a gift? Why not add a nice Kindle2 leather cover to protect it? The leather clutch for Kindle 2 created by Diane von Furstenberg in Kallie Leather can be yours for only $69.00 I really didn’t like the White OCTOVO Seamless Leather Cover for Kindle 2. It will only be a matter […]

Importance of eReader Covers

eReader covers – eReaders don’t typically require a lot of add-ons, so there isn’t a lot of extra spending once you buy one. eReaders don’t have external battery units, and they have no need of video or speaker docks. Nor do they need wireless remotes, external keyboards or car mounts. Here are 10 reasons why a cover for your e-reader is an indispensable accessory that should be right at the top of your desired gifts list. 1. eReader Covers Protect Your E-reader From Harm Remember that your e-reader has a sheet of thin glass that needs to be protected. If you drop your e-reader, you could break the screen or fracture the case. At the very least, you might end up with some unsightly scratches and dings. Even if you don’t have a heavy duty cover, it will provide some protection against damage in the event that you drop it.

Nook Accessories Review

Nook Accessories – You’re having a blast with your Nook e-Reader, so now you should take advantage of some of the most popular Nook accessories on the market. Following is a list of our 5 favorite accessories for the Nook eReader that will help you get even more pleasure from it. 1. Nook Deluxe Carrying Case  Available for purchase at Amazon, the Nook Deluxe Carrying Case is equipped with an Accessory Genie. This scratch-resistant, water-resistant, deluxe case includes heavy-duty zippered compartments, interior zip mesh protection pockets, blower cleaning brush and micro fiber cloth. Complete with a 3-year limited warranty, it is ideal for keeping your e-Reader safe and sound while you are traveling. You can purchase this Nook accessory for approximately $20.

NASA to launch new telescope next month or find “new Earth” outside the solar system

In a clean room at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, a small telescope is being placed on a plateau for the final series of tests before launch. The reason why the test is extremely strict is that the four cameras of this telescope will have no protective cover when fired. This is one of the simplified design decisions NASA has made to help TSP achieve its goal of detecting at least 50 potential small-sized rocky planets.