Best Pillow-Top Mattress Reviews

The Pillow Top Mattresses Features If you are struggling with your sleep at night, then it is high time you need to change your mattress. For a sound sleep, there can’t be anything better than pillow-top mattresses(multi-layer mattresses are even better). Let us have a brief look at it. What is it? A pillow-top mattress comes up with extra foam and padding on its top. In fact, it looks like there is a pillow on the surface of these kinds of mattresses. It is made with memory foam which makes the pillow-top mattress not only comfortable but also durable. The spring on it holds the foam with it. Feathers, polyesters, wool, and latex foam are used to make a perfect Pillow- Top mattress. Is it for you? If you are going through back, and neck pain or you woke up from bed with aches, then a pillow-top mattress is certainly for you. It is not only going to give you peaceful sleep but also will relieve you from unwanted pains. Again, it might not be the perfect mattress for your toddler. According to research, some toddlers are comfortable with pillow-top mattresses and some are not! Firmness: The additional layer of foam makes pillow- top mattress is firm but the selling point of the pillow makes it soft and comfortable. Size and Thickness: The standard dimension of a king-sized Pillow- top mattress is 76*80 inches. The dimension of the queen, full and twin-sized is 60*80, 53*75, and 38*75 respectively. It can be thick up to 3-5 inches. A thick mattress will make you hot and sweaty. Pads, Special Sheets and Boxspring: There is no need for pads on a pillow-top mattress. In fact, it will reduce the comfort level. Pillow top mattresses come in different sizes so they do need special sheets. There is no need for a box spring for these mattresses. By keeping it on the floor you can sleep without any irritation. Health Benefits: Reducing Back Pain: Pillow top mattress has been proved effective for the people with back pain. There is no complaint of causing back pain and shoulder pain after using this mattress. You can also consult your doctor before start sleeping on this mattress. Sleeping Disorder and Sleeping Position: Pillow-top mattresses reduce sleeping disorders. The mattress is so soft that it can suit any sleeping position without causing any pain. Longevity: Pillow- Top mattresses can certainly be the thing that your body needs for a perfect sleep. Statistically, most people use it for 1-5 years without any problems. There are some people who are using the pillow-top mattresses for more than 10 years. Long use may develop lumps on it. Advantages: Very soft and comfortable Reduces back and shoulder pain More durable Sleeping friendly Disadvantages: It May not suit for toddlers Price is quite high May feel hot So, if you are looking for a perfect mattress for you then a pillow -top mattress can be the one that will give you a painless, fearless, and peaceful sleep. Brentwood well-being encore Mattress The Brentwood Encore is one of the beautifully designed mattresses in the Brentwood Performance series. It flaunts its innerspring construction and exquisite craftsmanship and is one step ahead of the Brentwood Intrigue. The mattress has eight-inch Certipur-US certified soft foam with extra plush. […]

Best Latex Pillows Reviews

Latex pillows are made from a natural polymer which is extracted from trees and plants which is formed to make a matrix of tiny bubbles for the filling. This allows the mattress and pillow to be incredibly comfortable, and have a unique spring back. Features of the Latex Pillows Side sleepers will love these pillows as they mold to your shape, and support your neck and head without the need to move and readjust. You will never feel too hot with the latex pillow, and even in the summer months, the pillow will remain cool. You may be concerned that the latex pillow may be too firm; however, it can mold easily to the shape of your neck and head. They are not only eco-friendly but also durable, which them affordable and excellent value for money. Health and Safety with the Latex Pillow Latex pillows are safe to use for babies, and more parents are choosing this style of the pillow as they are healthy, and do not attract dust mites and bugs. There is nothing toxic about the pillow as the filling is 100% natural. If you suffer with allergies, you will love these pillows as they are clean, and do not attract dust and dirt. People with neck pains will enjoy sleeping with the latex pillow as it is supportive and soft, relieving pressure from the neck and shoulders. Lifespan and Cleaning of the Latex Pillow You need to clean the latex pillow, but it should not be placed in the washer as this can damage the material. At all times, you should cover the pillow with a case that can be washed as this needs to be done regularly. Hand washing the latex pillow is recommended if you find that it has become stained and dirty. You need to hand wash with mild detergent, and warm water. Once it has been washed, you must allow it to dry naturally, and do not place it in the dryer. If you maintain your latex pillow well and ensure that you have a cover on it at all times, the lifespan is between 10-15 years. As long as there is nothing wrong with the latex pillow you can keep the original one until it needs replacing. They do not sag or wear thin, which is why they are highly recommended and incredibly popular. All Natural Latex Pillow With Organic Cotton Outer Covering The latex pillow is made from the sap which is obtained from the tropical rubber trees. The sapling provides the pillows with endurance, comfort and support. As can be gleaned from the title, the outer covering of the pillow is made from 100% pure organic cotton. Its creator is Organic Textile LLC, which is located in California. Pros As mentioned earlier, the pillow not only provides comfort, it is durable as well. It also does not contain any synthetic additives which are sometimes used by companies to reduce costs and compromise on quality. The latex allows for a cradling effect on the neck while also providing proper support for your back. An organic cotton cover that can be easily washed is another one of the numerous advantages that this pillow provides. The pillow is anti-microbial, which prevents bacteria from growing on the pillow. The improved air circulation lets […]

Best Microbead Pillow Review

Microbead Pillows Features What you should know A microbead pillow is a soft pillow that is filled with tiny polystyrene beads or Latex particles that can squish and mold to your head. Some people often think of beanbags when you refer to microbeads, and although they are similar, pillows tend to be firmer. The beads that are used are far smaller than in a beanbag, and in some pillows, they are 0.3mm in diameter. Often the beads are called snow beads as they look like a fresh layer of snow when emptied out onto the floor. This style of the pillow has been extremely popular as it can be therapeutic as well as comfortable. If you suffer from medical conditions, this pillow may be able to help. Materials and Usage The outer material of this pillow is a soft, stretchy fabric, typically nylon lycra or spandex as these allow the beads to move freely. As you move throughout the night, you want the pillow to conform to your body. Due to the fact that the pillow molds with ease, they are often chosen when you need a supporting pillow. If you suffer with any neck complaints, these pillows can be the answer to your problems and help you to get a superb night’s sleep. Safety Concerns These pillows are incredibly safe and are excellent for people who suffer from allergies and struggle to sleep all night. These pillows encourage the flow of air and do not attract bed bugs or dust mites, which makes them an attractive choice. They are also not toxic and can be used by every member of the family, even people who get hot at night. It remains at one temperature and does not make you heat up at the night. The pillow is hypoallergenic and attracts no bacteria or fungus in or around the materials, which is a massive bonus. How to Care for Microbead pillows need to be kept clean like any other pillow; however, they are extremely easy to care for and clean. You need to make sure that you do not use sharp objects around the pillow or it may burst. You may have to spot clean the microbead pillow to ensure that any oil spots from your hair or face are removed. Once you have wiped away the dirt, you need to allow the pillow to dry naturally. Do not place the pillow in either the washer or dryer as this will destroy the beads and pillow. Life Span This style of the pillow is durable and can last for many years if you take care of it correctly and buy a quality pillow. There are some pillows available, and these tend to break easily and become saggy and uncomfortable. Therefore, if you intend to purchase one of these pillows make sure it is a quality pillow. HoMedics SqUsh Blue Tube Pillow The HoMedics SqUsh Blue Tube Pillow is a tube-shaped pillow that contains high-volume beads and fabric consisting of nylon spandex. The high-quality stitching increases the durability of the pillow as well. This pillow is stretchable as well as squishy for those who enjoy a soft touch. Pros There are various benefits that accrue to the owner of the Blue Tube Pillow. This includes a high-quality cover made of spandex as well […]

Best Waterbed Mattresses Reviews

Water beds typically consist of two types, a hard-sided and a soft-sided, with a mattress that is filled with water. Initially, these mattresses were intended to be used for therapeutic purposes, but today they are popular in average households. Construction&Features Water mattresses appear to be the same as conventional mattresses but contain several vital elements including a bladder that holds the water. The outer layer of the mattress is made from a strong material such as latex or cotton. There are then foam rails inside the mattress, which offer support and then the bladder which is filled with water. A safety liner is often the next material, to ensure that if a leak was to happen, the water cannot seep through onto the floor. How a Waterbed Works The concept of the waterbed is that as you lay on the mattress the water shifts to accommodate your weight and shape. You will find that this is incredibly comfortable and that your aches and pains are taken care of. Is it legal There are many myths surrounding waterbeds, including some that state they are illegal, however, this is untrue. The beds are incredibly comfortable and are recommended for people with back problems. You need to consider several different aspects when looking at the different styles of waterbed on the market. Waterbeds are not noisy, and you can choose to place a heater in the mattress, but it is not essential. They do not cause seasickness. Do Waterbeds Need a Frame? Not all waterbeds need a solid frame, and some are soft-sided and perfect for your home if you prefer you can place the mattress in an existing regular frame. Can Waterbed use pillows? yes, of course, you can put a pillow on the waterbed to get better sleep. Health Benefits Waterbeds are incredibly beneficial for your back, and if you suffer with nay joint pain you will feel the benefits immediately. This style of mattress is extremely safe and good for your health as no bed bugs can live or thrive on the bed. If you suffer with arthritis this style of mattress is beneficial, and can also help with scoliosis, alongside other medical issues. Lifespan and Cleaning The waterbed can last decades if cared for correctly, and you should make sure that you research how to take care of this mattress correctly. The waterbed can easily last for ten years, without any problems. It is only the bladder that you may need to replace, and this can be done for an affordable price. You will need to add chemicals to the water inside the bed to ensure that algae does not grow, and clean the outside with a damp cloth. The vinyl must be kept clean, and ensure that it does not crack and leak. Advantages Excellent lumbar support Therapeutic sleep Hypoallergenic Durable Disadvantages Heavy Expensive Costly to heat Bed sheets are hard to find Full motion waterbed mattress Sold in Queen sizes, the Full Motion Mattress is a great quality waterbed from full motion to waveless feel. It is roughly of sixty inches in size. The construction is a lap seam with a T corner. Pros The Full Motion Mattress comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. It arrives with great and quick packaging. The installation is very simple as […]

Memory Foam Mattress Cover and Topper Guide

Memory Foam Mattress Cover and Topper

A memory foam mattress cover can be a great investment if you are unable to afford or budget your money to buy a complete memory foam mattress bed. A memory foam mattress cover is something that is placed over your current mattress as opposed to buying a completely new mattress. Most memory foam mattress covers will be priced at $200 or less depending on where you get them from. Before purchasing one though it is best to try it out by going to a store where they sell them. Stores seem to be much more expensive than internet purchases these days, so testing one out and then buying online the exact one you tested is best. According to FoamGlobes Mattress reviews a memory foam mattress cover’s density is something you need to take into consideration. Covers come in different densities to suit different weights. A thinner mattress cover would most likely suit a child or light adult. A thicker mattress cover would suit someone heavier. If you weigh 250 pounds of more then a memory foam mattress cover is best avoided. These covers will not be able to support that type of weight and will lose their durability very quickly. You may as well buy a very cheap mattress! An alternative for heavier individuals is a latex foam mattress. These are better equipped to hold heavier weights. The denser the mattress cover the longer it will last. If you are in between thicknesses due to your weight it is best to get the thicker mattress cover. Benefits of a memory foam mattress cover include – Longevity – memory foam lasts if you buy the right size and thickness for you. Cost – memory foam mattress covers are cheaper then their full bed counterpart but still give you the same benefits. Support – memory foam gives your body complete support and helps keep you in proper alignment. A better night’s sleep. Memory foam mattress covers are available from Amazon. Memory Foam Mattress Toppers This is a brief description of memory foam mattress toppers and what you need to consider before purchasing. Memory foam mattress toppers are thin layers of foam that go over the top of mattresses to give people many, but not all, of the benefits of having a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattress toppers can be cheap alternatives to a memory foam mattress but you need to be aware of a few things before purchasing. Memory foam mattress toppers are good if you have a hard bed or water bed as they will make it softer. For mattresses that are soft or lumpy, memory foam mattress toppers aren’t very effective at all and your only solution is to buy a full mattress. Memory foam mattress toppers also have a much shorter lifespan than a full mattress, so if your current mattress is old you would be much better off buying another mattress than going with the topper. It may appear more expensive but in the long run you will be saving money and headaches! The toppers also come in different densities just like the mattresses. This is because people are built differently, and someone with a bigger build would need a thicker mattress to compensate for the extra weight. One last thing to say about memory foam mattress toppers and that is, just like the full […]