Apple iPad 2 Review

This Apple iPad 2 review will cover all the information you need before making a decsion whether to buy or not, it includes ipad2 pros and cons, release date, where to buy ipad 2, its availability, price and sales Considering the long lines in the stores, the Apple i Pad 2 is amazing. There was such a buildup to its release, with rumors flying around for a long time, and all the hype about tablet PC’s during the past twelve months, that the huge demand just let loose with a bang this weekend. Regardless of the long lines and the sold out stocks, there are still a couple of questions to be answered. First, is it really true that the iPad is better than other tablets. Second, is it better to get the original iPad cheaply or to spring for the new one? Read on to find out answers to these questions, as well as others, in our full review. Positives  The unit has a dual core processor and 10-hour-plus battery life. The 9.7″ IPS LCD screen is nice and bright. It is one-third thinner than the original device. This device has both front and rear cameras. Negatives The screen is very reflective. The device is slippery. It has no expandable memory. It’s hard to read outdoors. Still image quality is quite poor. Basically, the iPad2 is currently cheaper and easier to use than any other tablet. It may not have quite as many features as others; however, this isn’t much of an issue. Just look at the box office lines — the iPad 2 is the de facto market leader, and nothing else comes close. You can get the original iPad new, at discount prices, for a limited time. It’s great if you aren’t planning to use FaceTime. Features and Design  The iPad 2 boasts three major improvements over its predecessor. 1. It is 1/3rd thinner with a slightly smaller surface area because it has a thinner bezel. It also has a sloped iPhone 3G type edge rather than a squared off perimeter like the original iPad. It weighs about 25% less – and you will notice both improvements. 2. There are both front and back facing cameras on the iPad, so a lot of new applications are possible. One important example is FaceTime video chatting. 3. It presently has a dual-core 1GHz processor, which Apple says doubles the speed and boosts the graphics up appreciably (nine times). Areas in which the iPad 2 has not improved are areas that Apple is known for ignoring, such as a removable battery and external memory expansion, so these deficits are not a surprise. However, Apple didn’t fix the worst, most literally glaring problem with the original iPad — the screen still is almost worthless in direct sun. Amazon and other e-book reader manufacturers will still crush Apple in this category. The iPad 2, other than other almost cosmetic changes (for instance, the speaker is in the back this time), is basically a more petite version of the original iPod. Ports and Connectors  Just like the first iPad, iPad2 only has two connectors – the 3.5mm headphone jack and the 30-pin Apple connector. However, because the iPad 2 has sloping edges, the jacks are slanted as well; therefore, they are behind the screen rather […]

Apple iPad 1 Review

iPad 1 Review will give you all the information you need to know before you decide to buy i pad 1, including price and where to buy ipad 1 for sale. This device doesn’t come cheap. Along with its pricey tag is this question. How good is the iPad ebook reader in providing a great high-end reading experience? Before deciding on getting yourself your very own iPad, these might be the question in your mind. Taking the price of this gadget into consideration it is just fine to wonder. I’m here to help you out. We will tackle how different the Apple iPad 1 eReader and compare it with the other top eReadering devices on the market. We have the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook for comparison. Let’s begin with the specs. Looking at the iPad ereader, we tried to point out the following facet to mull over: Portability Being well aware of how the Apple iPad 1 appears, we can easily visualize the difference it has from the Kindle and Nook. iPad has a 9.7-inch LCD screen which is not that far from the Kindle DX’s screen. It is also half an inch thicker than Kindle 3 and the Nook which both has a 6-inch screen. Due to the iPad’s bigger screen,taking it with you can be troublesome. The iPad’s weigh of 1.5-lbs is also not advantageous. It’s not a big deal when all you want is a light reading and just a few clicks on the internet. However, for addicted bookworms like me who would always try to finish a book or two in a matter of hours, this gadget may bring some difficulties. Battery Issues The built in A4 chip inside each Apple  i Pad 1 are custom built to enhance power usage and efficiency. It is amazing how you can do so many tasks like browsing the online stores or reading books using it with its battery on a ten-hour life span. On the other hand, using it without any sure way to recharge it might not be a good idea. You always have to get your charger ready even during the long hours of reading. You’ll always have to bear in mind to recharge it if it runs out of battery. Access to eBooks Knowing that Amazon currently has the most number of titles on its online Kindle stores based on blogs and threat posts is not a new info anymore. With over 700,000 titles in possession, Amazon is a wonderful source for eBooks. In contrary, iBooks which are used by the iPad reader has small number of titles amounting to 60,000. The good things about getting an iPad reader is its capability to absorb other apps for ereaders like the Kindle App or the Nook App which warrants its access to the Kindle store as well as in the Barnes & Nobles. It’s also great to know that iPads are ePub activated which means they can access free Google books found in local e-libraries. What is the 3G for? iPad released its models with Wi-Fi only and 3G+Wi-Fi styles. 3G wireless connectivity enhances the convenience of using an ereader. It enables you to browse the web, send emails and even open facebook. However, the 3G service is only available through a plan […]

Apple iPad Review

This Apple iPad review includes detailed unbiased information you need to enable making a decsion whether to buy or not, it includes i pad pros and cons,  price, where to buy it cheap or for sale, be it new or refubished. This device is known as a convergence device. It allows the user to do a number of things in addition to reading. You can watch movies, look at pictures, store pictures, get map directions, read and write e-mail, and surf the Internet. Apple iPad Review Positives  • The iPad  is a great deal slimmer. • It has cameras in both the front and back. • It has a faster processor for FaceTime video chat. • It includes 3G options for both AT&T and Verizon. Apple iPad Review Negatives  • The screen resolution of the iPad hasn’t changed. • It has mediocre photo quality. • It still doesn’t support Adobe Flash. • You need adapters for the ports for HDMI, USB, & SD use. Apple iPad Review Bottom Line  Basically, because of its tremendous functionality, it seems that iPad is more competition for laptops and netbooks than it is for eReaders. Apple i Pad is the perfect choice for people who want to enjoy digital books and media, view photos, listen to music, surf the Internet, and more. It delivers a lot of applications in a handy little device that is only 1/2″ thick. This opens up a new world of portable computing. Apple iPad Review Review:  It is very similar in appearance to iPhone, but larger. It has the familiar curved back (which feels great in your hand), silver and black color scheme, and a flat screen. This device has a 9.7-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD display based on the multi-touch capacitive display technology utilized by iPhone. It is very responsive to touch, reacting to sweeps, swipes, taps, and jabs. Basically, the i Pad is a combination laptop/smartphone. It can do almost anything a laptop can do, but it is small and light. It has broad functionality. It will be interesting to see what effect iPad has on the popularity of Amazon Kindle and other eReaders. As of March, 2010, Apple i Pad WiFi models can be purchased at $499 for the 16GB version, $599 for the 32GB version, or $699 for the 64 GB version. AT&T powers the 3G models. These launched in April of 2010 at a cost of $629 for the 16 GB version, $729, and $829 for the 64GB version. This great looking Apple iPad is easy to hold because it is only 1/2″ thick in the middle, and it is just 9.7 x 7.4″ in size. PA custom designed the 1GHz A4 chip, giving the user a blast of productivity. Here are some of the functions you will enjoy with iPad: Listen to iTunes, read & write e-mails, keep notes, keep a list of contacts, watch TV, or watch videos on YouTube. It includes iWork applications that have been re-engineered just for this application. There are about 140,000 applications available for the iPad. With up to 10 hours of battery life, the Apple i Pad is more power-efficient than a laptop. You can choose from 16, 32, or 64 GB of flash storage. Thanks to the integrated 802.11 b/n, you can access the Internet using WiFi. Simultaneously, the built-in Bluetooth and […]

Hanvon WISEreader Review

Review  The lower cost of the WISEreader is quite nice when compared with other similar devices. It’s a pretty good idea, considering that some of these devices can cost £150 to £300. Many people seem to be interested in carrying a library with them. Hanvon WISEreader N516 With the WISEreader N516, you get a 5″ screen, 800×600 pixel resolution, and a 4:3 aspect ratio. This is just your average eInk device. It is lithium ion powered and it uses PDF formats and EPUB. You can display TXT, GIF, JPEG, HTML, & DOC files in a portrait or landscape orientation. The Hanvon WISEreader N516’s pakage includes a 2GB Secure Digital card, but a 32GB card can be substituted. This would seem to be entirely unnecessary because each book only uses a few megabytes. You’d be unlikely to prefer to use a memory card that might easily be lost (along with all of the titles you have invested in). The same principle applies, even if you load it with non-copyrighted, open source materials. For listening with the Hanvon WISEreader N516, you will find a small speaker at the base. You can also use headphones with a jack that supports MP3 playback. Currently, the Hanvon WISEreader N516’s audio appears to be a design novelty. Hanvon readers are nicely built. The backside of the Hanvon WISEreader N516 is slip- and scratch-resistant. This is a lot better than the back of the Cool-ER reader, which is easy to scratch up. In this respect, it also beats the three white ereader devices (the Amazon Kindle, BeBook Neo & iRiver Story). The Hanvon WISEreader N516 does not look very impressive, but we did not feel that it was flimsy as was the case with the Cool-ER. And it is not heavy like the do-it-all iPad. The WISEreader may be a little too sensibly sized. It is so small, with a 5″ screen, that it is a little difficult to use. It’s hard to read a novel on it, but it’s easy to carry it around in your pocket or purse. Open source books usually contain rambling line breaks and rigid formatting. You would continually be pressing the page down key on a device with a small screen. Actually, the numerical keys that run along the left hand side make it pretty easy to navigate compared with eBook readers that only have a navipad. Page zoom-in and zoom-out functions are also available. At the bottom of the numerical stack, a bookmark button is concealed. It would be better if this useful button were labeled more clearly. Bottom Line:  Users must simply pay more if they expect to get the newest technology. Individuals especially attracted by the idea of e-readers can certainly give this a try. The ePaper technology responds slowly, even though the e-reader has a sleek appearance and plays the majority of formats. Two very good things are the bright screen and the good landscape mode feature. Design:  Our model is a soft brownish/burnt umber shade in a leather style finish. It has a classy, mature, understated appearance. The buttons are confusing. They are all just about the same color and are strewn across the face of the device willy-nilly. There are some on the bottom right hand side, some on the bottom left hand side, and some […]

Ectaco JetBook Mini Review

Overview  The Ectaco Mini appeared without a lot of attention. It seems like it may have been kept a secret for a while. Ectaco’s decision to reveal YouTube’s verdict was the right move. The device isn’t currently in stock at Ectaco’s webpage. The Jetbook Mini was Ectaco’s first e-reader. JCNIP originally created the previous two for markets in China. They can be purchased in China under the brand name Dr. Yi (with an alternative firmware, naturally). The hardware of the Mini E-Reader is very basic. It excludes the MP3 player, internal storage, and many of the buttons its predecessor boasts. One detail is exactly the same as that of its predecessors, and this is the screen. Toshiba was the original developer of the low power grayscale LCD screen that this unit utilizes. Positives • One good thing is the the Ectaco JetBook Mini is very lightweight. • It doesn’t give you wrist strain when you hold it in one hand. • Ectaco JetBook Mini offers multi-language interface in German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Polish. • If you are not an English speaking user, you will be able to access books in languages other than English. • The battery lasts a long time. • The unit conveniently runs on 2 AAA batteries. • The user has lots of formatting options. Negatives • The number of pages that can be seen on the 5″ screen is limited. • The device does not support PDF, so you have to use Calibre to convert PDF files before opening them. However, if it can, we don’t think the small screen can show PDF files appropriately. • You will only get 3-4 days of reading time from this device. The Sony Touch has 2 weeks of battery life, and the Kindle 3 has an entire month. Regardless of the fact that the Energizer is rechargeable, it is inconvenient to remove the batteries and plug them into a battery charger every few days. However, what happens if you don’t have a recharger? • There is no one-step connection to a bookstore (such as you would find with Kindle 3 and others) because Ectaco JetBook Mini doesn’t have wireless connectivity. You’ll need to connect the Jetbook to a computer in order to load books. • I think the eInk screens are more comfortable to read than the LCD screen. Detailed Review In summary, both Ectaco Jetbook and Ectaco Jetbook Lite are good pocket companions for the avid reader. The Ectaco  Mini might be concrete proof that good things come in small packages. This palm-sized eReader makes reading a very pleasurable experience. If you like Ectaco Readers, you will love the Ectaco  Mini for it’s great look and low price (only $99). Ectaco’s 3rd offering in eReaders is the Ectaco JetBook Mini. The crisp new design is reminiscent of the Pocketbook 360. Most reading devices have the navigation and page turn buttons on the bottom of the screen; however, the JetBook Mini has them all on the right hand side. This gives it a rather jaunty appearance. The right side is curved in order to rest your palm and provide a better grip. Even though the screen is identical to the original JetBook (a 5″ TFT LCD screen), the Ectaco Mini looks and feels smaller thanks to the updated design. The JetBook […]

Ectaco JetBook Lite Review

Overview  While this device is a bit less streamlined than its predecessor, it is also a bit less expensive. At under $150, Ectaco JetBook is intended to be a very affordable reading device. Is it a viable contender against the more established e-reading devices? It does feature translation functionality, a universal power source and improved screen display. The Ectaco JetBook Lite is similar in appearance to the original JetBook. It also features many of the same options such as the company’s signature award-winning language translation software, the World CIA FactBook, and multilingual interface options. Now Ectaco has added some exclusive features that make JetBook Lite stand out from others and from the original Ectaco e reader. The original Li-on battery found in the JetBook has been replaced. In its place, is a battery chamber that takes 4 AA batteries of either the disposable or rechargeable variety. Ectaco is able to charge less for this eReader, thanks to this switch (which also assists with energy efficiency). Consumers can now enjoy 23 hours of reading on one full charge – three hours more! The Ectaco JetBook Lite substituted the e-ink display with an LCD screen. The 5″ TFT LCD screen is made by Toshiba. It gives benefits similar to devices using e-ink paper displays. You can read it in all kinds of lighting situations because of the VGA reflective monochrome technology, which is better than LCD in terms of eyestrain. One good thing is that using the TFT screen lets you turn pages faster with the Ectaco JetBook Lite than with many other e readers that utilize e ink technology. Those flashes during transitions are gone, as well. Another great thing is that there is support for DRM content so readers are able shop at Barnes & Noble and pull content from their collection. Positives Some people may think that portability has been exchanged for price because of the switch to using AA batteries. At only 9 oz, it’s still light enough to carry in your pocket or in your hands. Users will notice that there is a protrusion where the batteries go into the chamber. The bulge is ergonomic and allows for more comfort for left-hand holding, even though it may not be the most beautiful. You can use it as a stand while multitasking, such as copying down quotes from the e-reader. You can type words quickly thanks to the T9 text input method. The system is able to reference pre-installed dictionaries and utilize auto-complete if you wish. You can start reading right away because this electronic reading device comes pre-loaded with such classics as the works of James Joyce and Shakespeare. Negatives One of the negative aspects is the fact that the flash memory built in to JetBook Lite is meager. It is only a hundred megabytes. However, you can use external storage to expand the capacity. There is a limited number of fonts, and the user only has two that they can select from. One unfortunate thing is that this JetBook does not have wireless capability so readers who want to download books directly to the device will not be able to. One unique feature of the Ectaco JetBook Lite is the fact that, in addition to simply being a reading device, it is also a tool that helps […]

Top Kindle Accessories

Kindle Accessories – One of the primary complaints regarding new technology is that is does not seem to go with the decor of the modern office. The Kindle lighted leather covers can possibly handle that. Fashionable protection is afforded by this genuine leather case; it also includes a built-in retractable reading light. At the inexpensive price of $59.99, it is a great way to add sophisticated protection for your treasured e reader. The cover is available in black, burnt orange, chocolate brown, hot pink, steel blue, apple green and burgundy red and features a grey microfibre suede interior that provides luxurious protection against damage. The cover fits a six-inch screen and has a reading light built into the case body. Additional batteries are not necessary since it gets its energy from the Kindle unit. Rapid Car Charger – Kindle Accessories  The Gomadic rapid card charger Kindle accessory is ideal for active people. If you do not have the time to wait around at home while your Kindle charges, you need this accessory. It’s also great for those reading during long car trips when the Kindle is running low. It’s not necessary to stop at the next rest stop and hold up the trip! The $29.95 price of the Gomadic is great if you read more than a book a week using the Kindle. This charger works with 2nd generation and later models. The 1000 mA high output current charges at a quicker rate than average chargers. A full lifetime warranty is included. Quicker charging does not increase the chance of damage however. The gomadic rapid charger contains advanced internal circuitry that protects the device from surges, overcharging and short-circuits. In addition, the unit comes with a full lifetime warranty, so you are protected if anything goes wrong. Lexerd – Kindle Accessories  When it comes to Kindle accessories, this is a must. The Screen protectors work to prevent your Kindle from accidents. It may seem like $29.95 is a steep price to pay for the Amazon Kindle Reading Device TrueVue Crystal Clear Screen Protector by Lexard, but in comparison to the flimsy disposable $2 covers available elsewhere, this one is well worth the money. The incredibly thin, transparent cover promises to keep the original color tones. It is warmth and moisture resistant and will not interfere with touch screen technology. It’s very thin at 0.2 mm and won’t inhibit the docking capabilities of the Kindle either. The precision fit of the screen protector protects the device from even the most potentially damaging scratches. Scosche SolBAT II – Kindle Accessories  For readers who enjoy hanging out at the pool or on the beach, this solar powered backup battery is ideal. While it goes without saying that traditional plug in chargers do not mix well around water, no outlet is required for this little battery backup. The thing that makes this charger different than others is that it includes a built-in USB 2.0 port so that any device charger that uses a USB interface can be utilized. Therefore, the Kindle USB charger you purchased to charge off your computer works very well with this battery backup. The status light alerts both when it contains an incoming and outgoing charge. It’s a steal at $24.99, and you can use it for your Kindle as well as other […]

Nook Cover – Top 6 best designer nook covers

Nook Cover – Protect your Barnes & Noble nooks from scratches with the best and genuine covers and cases created by some prominent designers. Check the best designer nook  cases and covers below: #1. M-Edge Executive Jacket for Nook Cases

Pandigital Novel 7 Review

Pandigital Novel 7 is a tad heavy at 19 ounces but the majority of books I usually read are heavy too. The web surfing is adequate if the Wi-Fi connection is strong. The 800×600 pixel screen provides resolution and color that is superior to that provided by most tablets of that size and in that price range.

Pandigital Novel Review

Pandigital, is among one of the premier names in digital photo frames, utilizes their knowledge of digital screens by coming out with an eBook reader that features a TFT LCD color screen, an average memory capacity and Wi-Fi capability. By releasing the  Novel eReader, they have taken a huge step.A resistive touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 is included on the Pandigital Novel 9 inch model. A stylus comes with the device and is attached on the lower corner. Inputting data is a snap with its keyboard, with the stylus being rarely utilized. The following applications are pre-installed on the unit: email, day planner, calendar, Facebook, web browser, dictionary, calculator, playing audio and video, and running slideshows.

Novel eReader – Pandigital Novel Personal eReader Review

Overview  The second eBook reader offering by Pandigital, the Pandigital Novel Personal eReader is the company’s premiere attempt to produce an electronic paper eReader. Their first device, the Pandigital Novel Tablet, was released in June. It is a 7-inch multipurpose eReader that features a color LCD touch-screen as well as an Android operating system. The Novel eReader claim to fame is that it is the first eBook reader in the country to utilize a SiPix display rather than the eInk screen panels that are featured on the Amazon Kindle, Nook, Sony, etc. However, it looks like that’s no accident at all.

Nook Color Review

Nook Color review – Barnes & Noble promotes the Nook eReader Color as a reader, but it is actually an Android-based multi-media device. Its souped up software provides a tablet-style UI as well as other functions such as audio and video playback via the Android Media Player, web browsing, and Internet radio streaming. Nonetheless, B&N has increased Nook  ereader’s-centric qualities by adding applications such as Office document viewer, book snippets-sharing via social media sites, and Lonely Planet and In addition, you will be able to fully experience magazines and newspapers because of the full color support.

Barnes & Noble Nook 3G + Wi-F Review

Overview  Barnes & Noble’s Nook features some capabilities that are absent in its rival, the Editors’ Choice-winning Kindle e-reader, and the Nook is closing the gap even further by offering a reduced price of $199. Not only does the Nook provide twice as many books to choose from (one million versus 500,000 from Amazon), as well as a color, touch screen display, but it also supports the open EPUB format, Wi-Fi access (the Kindle can only utilize its own 3G network), and a Micro SD memory expansion slot. In addition, included in the new 1.3 firmware upgrade are a Web browser, games and sorely needed faster page turning capabilities, all of which make the Nook an even more attractive e-book reader.

Barnes and Noble Nook eBook Reader Reviews

Overview The Barnes and Noble Nook ebook Reader provides an experience that is similar to reading actual books: the book pages are as sharp and clear as those on actual books and the screen display can be used in bright sunlight, just as a reader would be able to do with a real book. The Nook, which is backed by a huge United States retail chain, has a large selection of books, newspapers and magazines from which to choose, and all of them are reasonably priced. However, this device is responsible for having started new standards or fads when it comes to eReaders. The Barnes and Noble Nook is the only ereader that runs on Google’s Android OS, and it is also the only ereader that has a built-in AT&T plus Wi-Fi combination. Additionally, this is the first e Readerto be successful at packing two different screens into one single device — a 6 inch eInk screen and a 3.5 inch LCD screen.

Kobo Wireless eReader Review

Overview  The Kobo e-reader Wireless is a vast improvement over the company’s Original Kobo eReader that became available earlier this year. Wireless Internet access is available on the new model, permitting you to shop at the Kobo eBook store; it also comes with new features, like a built-in Webster’s Dictionary.

Kobo Reader Review

Overview  With 8 levels of grayscale, the 6-inch screen of the Kobo displays with 600 x 800 pixels. This provides a very impressive display pixel concentration of 170 dots per inch (dpi). The only two fonts available on this unit are Georgia (serif) and Trebuchet (sans serif). Each font is available in five sizes. It’s a good idea to use the smaller font size because using a larger font size increases page turn requirements. Using bigger font size is not an advantage for this unit unless the user suffers from sight problems. This device literally does not support sound. This means that there is no text- to-voice option available on in this eReader.

iRex Reader Review

Overview  For business people, the iRex Digital Reader is just perfect. Many features are included to help offices operate more effectively and with less of an environmental impact.

Sony Touch Edition Review

Overview  Last year, Sony — who pioneered the eReader market before it became trendy — came out with three new digital readers in an attempt to capture back some of its dominance. The Touch Edition, as the name implied, was the first device in the family to incorporate touch functionality, which Sony said would move e-reading closer to reading print books. The benefits of the touch couldn’t make up for the glare-prone display and slow performance. In addition, Amazon and Barnes & Noble both lowered their prices to compete with the major electronics giant earlier this year. Now Sony enters the picture: It has released a new version of its Touch Edition ($229), and even though it has corrected many of the earlier version’s problems, is it still too expensive?

Sony Pocket Edition Review

Overview  Sony’s the Daily Edition and Touch are among the eReaders that have added touch capabilities and an improved eInk screen. You can find these features on the Sony’s Pocket Edition. Sony Pocket Edition The Sony Reader Pocket Edition is the least expensive eReader that Sony offers, selling at only $179. It is a strong competitor for B&N Nook and Amazon Kindle 3G at this price. However, does the touchscreen compensate enough for the fact that it doesn’t have wireless capabilities?

Sony Daily Edition Review

Overview  Although you may not recall this, Sony’s first Reader device became available in 2006, long before eBooks were trendy. The next year, Kindle was first marketed by Amazon. It offered the ability to download wireless media. Since Sony delayed adding this function, it would later be included in the category it helped create. With the Sony Reader Daily Edition, the company hopes to recapture their market share with a device that has 3G wireless and a larger touch screen display than that of the Barnes & Noble, Nook or the Amazon Kindle 2. Although, it costs $399, this unit is $140 more expensive than its rivals. Is the cost of premium worth it?