■ Create

“Iroha” is a creative planning group that proposes to acquire customers with the theme of creative tradition inheritance.

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 201 on the Echigo Arts Festival  201
“Echigo Tsumari Earth Festival Art Festival Village” tackling the artistic community development set in the satoyama that can be said as the original landscape of Japan (Tokamachi city, Niigata prefecture · Tsunan Town). Linking art, agriculture and outdoor, we support ” Matsudai rice paddy bank ” which recruits foster parents in rice terraces where we are no longer carrying out, we are doing conservation activities of rice terraces.

Free papers full of information on travel, music, outdoor Lj


The official homepage of the closing brand “ELNEST CREATIVE ACTIVITY” ARATA directs direction. Outdoor and military to the work taste, Activity · wear which put down the element of the nation are disseminated.


Musician · singer-songwriter.
When I was 5 I moved to my father’s home country New Zealand.
I listen to the song of a singer-songwriter “Dolphin” my mother had and start to have a dream for a vocalist.
In New Zealand, winning in contests from teenagers, a rare talent as a songwriter gets a lot of attention.
Started activities mainly in London and Japan since 2005.
In 2006, she appeared as the opening act of blind genius Soul singer / guitarist Raul Midon (Raul Midon).
In recent years, a cover song “Nagori Yuki” which exquisitely mixes English and Japanese calls up a topic.
It is an artist who is performing various activities, including walking along the way to major such as appearing in “Summer Sonic”, and conveying Japanese culture through songs in his home country.

Kunihiko Sasaki

Photographer taking live and snaps of the city.

gravity free A
live painting artist who plays with outdoor festivals, live performances such as domestic and foreign musicians. A painting full of creativity inspired by travel and music, painted by a method that does not use spraying, is a topic.


Encounter and touching festival to the future

Daisuke and YUKI CHAN


Born in Osaka. Currently based on the Netherlands, we have developed a project to create communication among people who combined workshops and performances on the theme of food, clothing, shelter in Europe.
“What is the home for me?” From the question that was born as a result of the word homeless, since 2003, Amsterdam and the “homeless home” project that is going throughout Europe. In this exhibition, in addition to the images of the past and the fashion produced at the workshop of the project, the making of the performance / workshop of the project in Japan will be announced as a new video work.

Tadanobu IguchiI am from Tokyo.
After working as a BAR manager and designer and other twists and turns, he worked as a web designer at San Francisco design office since 2007.
It is influenced by the streets and nature of California and starts taking pictures.
Returned to Japan in 2009.
Currently working as freelance designer and photographer.
A jam band that loads equipment, members, camping equipment on its own by himself and acts mainly around outdoor live performances throughout the country. The tour starts with the biodiesel loaded bus from the summer of 2008 and is an artist practicing a lifestyle that does not burden the environment.

Project to connect the earth by Akikazu Yamashita

Mr. Akazuhiro Yamashita who is active in the model projects from October 2008 to take a photograph and take a journey of about 6000 km on a single southeast asia with a bicycle. It is updated daily on Mr. Yamashita’s blog here.


Based on Shonan Kamakura, it is a music label that presents a variety of progressive and rich American music.

Braddigan is one of the three members of Dispatch, the band who broke up in July 2004 with the largest mobilization in the history of American indies. Dispatch demonstrates vocal / drums / percussion / songwriting / composition and for the first time in many ways. After dissolution, switch drumstick to guitar and develop activities in surf · music scene. Completion of the song is high, percussion, bass and drums are welcomed, exquisite combination and rhythm arrangement, a number of phrases and masterpieces that remain in mind draw people into a unique world.

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art

Rie Kasahara
Photographer who continues to take pictures with rich sensibility such as music, people, nature, food, etc. through a journey.


He formed in 2002, mainly in Manabu & KEIJI who was an original member of Japan representative JAMBAND = BIGFROG.
MAJESTIC CIRCUS was originally an event name organized by Manabu, but eventually it became a BAND name.
A group of beautiful, delicate and purely sparkling beautiful sounds, like drawing drawings of their inspiration with sound, groovy rhythms that arouse all emotions that can not be converted to words, live together in Tsu The sound of MAJESTIC CIRCUS is a sound communication with our listeners, a miracle that leads to a common language under all harmony, beyond genres, generations, gender and borders.
“MAJESTIC CIRCUS” is an orchestra that pursues all kinds of music without sticking to the genre, continues to grow like ameber and will lead the future of subdivided music scene into a big flow It must become an indispensable presence.



■ Play

nbsa + x ÷ journal [ANTA MEDIA]

The swimming school “Let’s Swim” with the theme of swimming in the sea and the swim tour planning to enjoy swimming in the sea are included. We propose how to enjoy on the other seas.

Kanazawa Onsen Alpine Club

The purpose established by the club is:? Revitalization of the area around Kanazawa Onsen,? Popularization of mountain marathon. Currently, 35 people in Japan and overseas are club members. Since February 2010, our club organizes and manages the mountain marathon event “alpine KAZAWA” (Alpine Kazawa). Half of the participants are elementary and junior high school students, and by running in the mountains, it is an event where children can learn the charm of the mountain. In the future I would like to make it an event proud of the world. We are looking for a person who wants to make Kanazawa, the birthplace of Snow Mountain Hymn, excitement.

Professional windsurfer Tomoo Ishihara

Professional windsurfer Motoko official website

Shizuoka Prefecture Omaezaki, a professional wind surfer Motoko who is based in Hawaii Maui Island.
From 2004 women’s only tournament “Wave contest Hina Matsuri cup” sponsored. While playing active part in the front line, we are also involved in windsurfing spread and ocean environmental activities.

Hokkaido backcountry tour guys Satoshi Tsukahara
Based on the lodge of Akaigawa village in Hokkaido, summer is active as a tour guide of cane, sea kayaking, climbing, surfing, winter in backcountry.
In addition to guide tour for members, we also actively hold snowmobiles and cat tours, avalanche courses, shooting coordinates and collaborative events with pro riders.
Miyakejima Eco · Ride It is
a slow and ecological cycling event that directly senses the history of eruption of Miyakejima and dynamic nature and the unique culture.

Even NPO corporations and even kids nature schools
will support places to “play”, “feel” and “express” from children to adults. We do various programs including sea kayaking tour and kids workshop.
We will also consider the environment and lifestyle from outdoor sports and outdoor activities and work together.

Yakushima Field
This is Hosokawa’s family site which runs eco tour guide in Yakushima. Cherishing the natural environment, we have enriched at home tailored to the needs of customers.


Fuji mountaineering school tickets

Fuji Ecotourism Tourism Office promoting ecotourism of a new tourism type. We provide preliminary briefing sessions for climbers, comprehensive learning, lecture activities, support for general mountaineering in Mt. Fuji for schools, companies and various organizations from individuals, eco tours and training.
We are developing business with keywords “people and nature” “people and people” “myself”.

■ Care

earthday money
Regional currency program that links NPO with town shops and promotes volunteers. In addition, we hold a farmer market “Earth Day Market” every month at Yoyogi Park. KEEN supports the management of activities through providing goods that can be exchanged for Earth Day money.
Outdoor Donation Corps – Outdoor Gientai
International Youth Environment NGO A SEED JAPAN

Fuji Rock Festival and other environmental protection team handling numerous Japanese outdoor events. It is a leading person who cleans up the event venue by sticking to the “participation” of visitors and navigating to separate and pick up garbage by their own hands. As an international youth environmental NGO, it is essentially appealing about the problems of the environment and society as well as of nature. From spring to autumn, we also frequent volunteer recruitment at events so please check!


“Green stick” that can grow flowers and greenery simply by folding and inserting a stick-like axis containing seeds of flowers and plants. You can use it as a promotion tool of original design by attaching corporate logo etc. to an eco friendly paper package. Efforts towards the environment of the company and ecological promotion activities at the green stick in the quest for social responsibility have become an important approach to consuming empathy and are drawing attention.

Conservation Alliance · Japan

The Conservation Alliance Japan (Outdoor Nature Conservation Fund) aids environmental funds for environmental groups that are active for nature conservation. Companies related to outdoor sports gathered, and funds gathered according to the sales scale of each company are managed to protect the nature underlying our business.

Surfrider Foundation Japan
The Japanese branch of an organization that works to protect the natural environment through the ocean established in California. Especially for those who love the sea, such as surfing, we take daily actions on nature conservation activities.

The project which
goes to the project which goes to the Komaru project which started with the feeling that it will become power even a little even if people who were affected by the Great East Japan great earthquake on 11th March 2011 eat homemade thing started.
Currently, we are making cookies for disaster-stricken areas, selling them in non-afflicted areas such as Tokyo, 40% of the sales have become an income generating agent.
Feature that focuses on people of various fields focusing on lifestyle connected from rice is topic free paper 88
BeGood Cafe NPO corporation Started
as a community cafe in Harajuku in 1999. Talk events, workshops, etc. are held in various fields such as food, agriculture, the environment, community revitalization, etc. with the theme “Sustainable society and peace” as the ground theme. In recent years, we have expanded the scope of cooperation with companies and local governments as well, such as the “Orange Project” aiming at regeneration of abandoned oranges plantations and the “VISIONS” project to support the creation of enriched and rich communities in all areas of Japan, such as the project of sustainable society We carry out events for realization, information dissemination and sharing activities.

Wood pellet promotion council

WPPC (Wood Pellet Promotion Council) aims to realize a sustainable low carbon society with wood pellets.

Big issue limited company Japan

NPO corporation Big Issue Foundation

Big issue limited company Japan provides sales of magazine “Big issue Japan version” as a “work that can only be done for homelessness” to help homeless people to help them gain their own money. From the launch of September 2003, until March 2010, we sold 3.88 million books, and we were able to make ¥ 574.8 million as a seller’s income. Also, through this project, a total of 121 people are finding work and escaping the street.
In 2007, we established the NPO Big Issue Foundation. Especially this year, we will focus on the support activities of the East Japan great earthquake disaster “Living together, 3.11 Campaign” and networking of supporting organizations to confront the issue of young homeless people as activities of NPO .
In August 2011, we will dispatch a homeless soccer team “Fujimi Japan” to the homeless World Cup 2011 Paris Competition as a support activity for homeless self-reliance through sports.


(Big issue Japan Limited Company)

(NPO corporation Big Issue Foundation)

(Funabashi Japan)

(Let’s live together
3.11 facebook page)

NPO corporation One’s Hands
“One’s Hands” was put in the naming is “message hand in hand one moment” is a message.
It is an organization that carries out long-term aid activities aiming at reconstruction of the disaster area where there are many ski resorts and reconstruction of the winter industry.
We will do things we can do only for winter sports such as winter sports events, music events at ski resort, direct support to affected areas.
People in the affected areas, we will make smiles for our children.