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  • The reply by e-mail by our company is intended to answer the questions of customers who inquired to us.
    Without permission of our company, we will not refuse to divert partly or entirely the response content, to use it secondarily, or to disclose it to any other customers.
  • We may be unable to send reply from our company due to incorrect e-mail address provided by customer or due to system failure.
  • Due to the nature of the e-mail, there is a possibility of inconveniences such as lack of mail contents in the sending process, transmission delay, virus contamination and others.
    As for our company, we are not responsible for any responsibility, so please understand in advance.
    Moreover, please understand beforehand that there is a case to ask again the content of the inquiry when the contents of mail are missing.
  • We will not disclose personal information provided by customers to third parties other than customers unless there is a provision of laws and ordinances. However, it may be consigned by transportation etc.
  • When the customer himself wishes to disclose personal information, after confirming the identity of the customer, we respond to the disclosure.
  • Filling out personal information on this form is optional. However, if you can not fill in, it may cause problems with inquiries / repairs.
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