Distributed story in blockchain ecology

“Trevets looked up and looked as if they were penetrating thick layers of moon rock, reaching the surface of the moon and interplanetary space; it seemed as though they were trying hard to see the distant galaxies that were slowly moving in the incredible space of Hongmeng.”

The famous American science fiction novelist Asimov ended in “Base and Earth.” This novel predicts that due to the ideological struggle of everyone in the galaxy, the war is imminent, and the protagonist, Treviitz, is looking for ways to make the entire galaxy more harmonious.

“If the blockchain really drives our human civilization, and this development can make us go to the interstellar world, then every step we make for the blockchain is proud, maybe at this moment we are the children of the stars. “Coin circle old man, old partner of Coin Capital, expressed so much emotion in a recent public speech that he claimed to be the promoter of bitcoin and blockchain industry.

Li Xiaolai, a friend of the old cat and a partner in the coin capital, recently said that there is no belief in bitcoin. “People who have faith do not need logic. I belong to logic more. I hold Bitcoin because I think it is logically correct.” He also suggested that when discussing Bitcoin, try to only follow logic. At the level of discussion, philosophy, world view, and feelings are not completely compatible with logic.

On April 9th, the old cat and Li Xiaolai came together with the Hangzhou Municipal Government to launch the “Xiongtan Global Blockchain 10 Billion Innovation Fund”.
A week later, “Cyclic Circle” wrote a lot of emotions in the circle of friends:

“The coins circle brothers are not easy to swear, laughing to the Songjiang return to the North Korea, roast cats unpredictable, Zhao Dong tombs climbed, star sulfuric acid face wash, Erbao far away from home, the bulk of Gods tour Qingshan.”

At present, the blockchain world seems to be far away from the ideal of the old cat. Nowadays, the big brothers’ mutual enthusiasm and accusations are sent to the industry to adjust the boring dopamine; blockchain, especially the ICO and the exchange’s entrepreneurs We are looking for other countries to seek a safety radius; the season is already blowing in the spring but the industry is still cold and chilly, everyone warms up in the WeChat group, telegram group, conference summit, waiting for the bull market to come…

Whether it is real Nakamoto Satoshi or not, it has been very difficult for Craig Wright recently.

On April 4th, V Shen appeared at the Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul, South Korea, to attend the Deconomy International Blockchain Forum. His debut did not evoke any cheers, even because the interaction with Craig S. Wright made the scene slightly “awkward.”

During the roundtable discussion, he pointed to Wright’s many mistakes in his speech and bluntly said, “Why is this liar able to speak at the conference?” PANews, who was just on the scene, saw people stunned and laughed.
Then Wright replied sarcasm on Twitter: “When we were discussing BCH (bitcoin cash), he knew that ETH (Ether) would eventually die out.” His supporters also defended the Internet.

Vitalik Buterin, known as the V-God, was a talent born in 1994. At the age of 19, he used Bitcoin’s underlying architecture – the blockchain, and wrote a white paper named Etherum, to create social networking at Ethereum. Various applications such as games. After Ethereum became popular, every time he appeared on the Chinese podium, he received cheers from the audience.

Wright, who exposed himself in 2016, is the founder of Bitcoin, Nakamoto Satoshi. Vitalik has been skeptical and repeatedly pointed out that Wright should not lie again posing as Nakamoto.

Vitalik had been looking for investors for Ethereum since 2014, and Beijing had met with the investment of the distributed capital partner Shen Bo in Shanghai after several collisions. The old man in the industry said that he had an amazing IQ and lived in Shen Bo for half a year. Now, there is no problem in Chinese reading, writing, or reading.

The most famous of the recent rounds may be in February, the chairman of Pan City Capital, the quick taxi founder Chen Weixing and the investor Zhu Xiaohu’s public “battle” in multiple rounds in the circle of friends.

Zhu Xiaohu said, “Don’t pull me into groups of 3 o’clock. Some fans would rather miss out. Some money would rather not earn. We take care of the evening.” “People are doing, heaven is watching, history will not forget, I hope you don’t leave a history of making money because you earn money by harvesting leeks!” Chen Weixing also said, “Zhu Xiaohu cherishes himself as an investment genius with little investment. In order to cut the late-stage investors’ leeks for their own projects, then go to the market to cut the aunt’s meat dishes!”

No matter what the world is, the “big brothers” will not see each other. Even in the blockchain utopia in which the trust is solved, the real trust between people is not established, and the greed and ugliness of human nature also follow. The price of the currency that was leaped up and down was magnified.

A domestic blockchain evangelist and a currency ring poker player had yelled at PANews. “xxx is also arrogant to say that he is a big brother and he betrays the team to go it alone. White papers are copied.” At home and abroad, each member of the blockchain forum gave a speech and the Tucao was also accused of being a “flicker” with a false job.

For the person who thinks that the financial freedom of the speculation will become a big deal, the obsessions who are enjoying the overnight riches will probably never forget the “shortcuts” of life. The imbalance of “not worthy” may eventually lead to disasters. .

After the 94 regulatory turmoil last year, many elderly people in the circle traveled eastward to seek development. Guo Hongcai, known as “Po Er Ye” in Jianghu, opened a “Lancai Manor” in the United States and developed a “new dish” in the United States. He said, “I don’t do my own VC. I’m usually responsible for the platform. I don’t pay for it now. I’ll stand at the station and receive 1%.”

Looking for Guo Hongcai’s endorsement of overseas projects also has its own starting point. “The foreigners do blockchains also want to be internationalized. I hope there will be a Chinese community. There are individuals in China who will speak for them.” Guo Hongcai is very clear about his position and the other party’s intentions.
The old cat also traveled east and recently held a 1.6-bit personal cruise sharing meeting. He bought a house in Bitcoin in Japan and established a company specializing in entrepreneurship and career in Tokyo for domestic industry users, Onkyo Co., Ltd.

“Looking at the words can only read half the meaning, and you can understand half the meaning of English.” The old cat said that he has changed from learning English to learning Japanese. He is responsible for the international expansion of coin capital in Japan and he is also applying for a Japanese exchange license. It should have been approved but the problem has been delayed.

Li Xiaolai was prepared to stay in China. “I would like to immigrate until 2013; I told a lawyer in 2014 that I canceled the immigration program. Then there was no such idea. China is the biggest market for blockchain in the future, and it is the fastest growing area. You let me go. I don’t necessarily want to go.”

In the other country, it is not only the blockchain people in China. From Silicon Valley to Beijing, Dan O’Connor, who has experienced more than 10 hours of flying, has no tiredness on his face but is rather excited.

On April 1st, at a closed offline meeting in Beijing, Dan shared his understanding of the blockchain and their upcoming blockchain project. At the age of 24, he was a blockchain engineer and he made a lot of money by investing in digital currency.
“China and the United States have the same enthusiasm and curiosity about the blockchain. I also hope to find a good investment project in China.” Dan told PANews that he would often come to China afterwards.

In fact, there are quite a few foreign teams that come to China to promote projects, but the publicity results are not optimistic. PANews once joined the Chinese community WeChat group at a US project publicity meeting, but then it became a soft-text group of lost links and advertisements. It was unclear where the project’s foreign workers were, and it often cooperated with “group play” in the group. Thumbs up expression.

Meeting! get together! Summit!

On the day of Dan’s speech in China, a blockchain sharing was held at the university in Chicago, USA, thousands of miles away. The author of PANews in the United States found that this small blockchain share has been sought after by students. There are no seats in the scene and almost half are all yellow skin. What are the applications of the blockchain and what are the better blockchain projects that have become the focus of the students on the spot?

One student from a management discipline in Taiwan told PANews that the school curriculum is also very concerned about the blockchain and digital currency areas. “The teacher just put up a paper to analyze the possibility of Bitcoin becoming a widely-circulated currency.”

At the beginning of the 4th, a sudden blizzard made Beijing suddenly return to the winter. However, the winter of the currency circle has continued for some time, so that everyone has more time to hold various meetings. Guo Hongcai said that he will cultivate new meat dishes and go to various forums and sharing every day. From Shanghai to Taiwan to South Korea and Japan, followed by Singapore, the market leader of a blockchain project told PANews that he needed more than half a month’s worth of baggage on his business trip. There were endless meetings and PARTY meetings. Left behind have to go.

In April in Seoul, the 11-degree night was a bit cool. Many blockchain projects took advantage of the Deconomy Forum to hold a night party. In the dim light of the bar, the bartenders twisted their bodies and served cocktails. In front of him, there were a dozen or so blockchain practitioners from all over the world. It was like a net friend meeting. Everyone exchanges business cards and they want to add each other WeChat, kakao and WhatsApp.

In South Korea, where the speculation is hot, the PANews Korean authors have found that everyone is now deeply impressed by ICOs and speculation and is keen to discuss technology and landing. In fact, South Korea’s attitude towards the blockchain is still relatively modest. After all, the government is also hard pressed against 200,000 people’s official websites to petition “oppose the ban on virtual currency transactions”.

“A bear market is coming. Whoever wants to raise a grievance is now focusing on technology.” The participants on the side warned. It is true that both Bitcoin and Ethereum began to fall off cliffs in December and January last year after they reached a high point. It has not yet returned.

At the Deconomy Korea’s blockchain forum, there are not many Chinese participants because less than a month ago, on March 14-15, the blockchain forum called TokenSky was held in Seoul. This forum was basically covered by blockchain projects and speakers from China. In the formal exchange, although everyone speaks in English on the stage, the simultaneous interpretation devices in the hands of the audience are mostly transferred to the second channel. Many simultaneous interpretation devices simultaneously release Chinese, and the entire venue is covered by this sound.

Some media have written that there are about 30 exhibition booths on two floors of the field, of which 90% are Chinese on the platform. Even if there are several foreigners sitting on the booth, there are also Chinese people in their partner list. Most of the media seats are occupied by domestic blockchain professional media and a few science and technology media, and few foreign media are present.

In fact, the organizer of this forum is a pan-game third-party service platform from China. The next stop of TokenSky was selected in Japan, where the current Bitcoin trading volume stands at more than 55% of the world.

Although the venue was rounded up by the Chinese, such forums are in line with the urgent needs of the project parties to expand into the sea.
“ICO project propaganda is forbidden in China, and many projects go overseas for promotion, but overseas users are not trained. Actually, most of the real users come from China. This is the current contradiction.” Li Rongge, partner of Dahe Venture Capital, frankly stated.
In early April, a blockchain summit in Shanghai was suddenly halted. The reason for this is still unknown. According to the summit agenda, there are important ICO project participants.

At the same time, in other parts of the world, the blockchain conference seems to be “flushing”. At a recent forum called BlockCity in Taipei, Zheng Yiting, the founder of OTCBTC, reminded, “To invest in ICO tokens now requires a deep understanding of the value of the project. Speculative projects run the risk of running out of money. Some projects have low commercial value and cannot be traded on the exchange. Unless you can see the value of the project or there is internal news, don’t be afraid to make it easy.” The author of PANews in Taiwan found that there are some audiences sitting around the stage and there are few people on the project stand. Thanks.

From the perspective of migrating to the southern hemisphere, Wellington in the New Zealand capital is indeed a bit calm. At least when it comes to office, the “village Hui Village” is not enthusiastic. PANews authors in New Zealand found that there has been no recent blockchain, Fintech (Financial Technology) related forum. Although New Zealand media have publicly reported that New Zealand will become a global blockchain center.

On April 16th, in a crowded space in Wellington, a domestic blockchain project held a meeting. 24 of the audience were mostly technical practitioners. The project participants did not forget to recommend their own tokens while introducing their own projects. “Don’t like you didn’t buy bitcoin five years ago. You’ll regret it now.” The people who know the line don’t seem to be too much. “I’m coming to eat pizza.” One of the two women sitting under the table jokingly told PANews.

Wu Xiaobo said that many people are eager to grab a “new age dividend” in the boom of Bitcoin and blockchain. They include young entrepreneurs, family women who play three times a year in hyaluronic acid, urban white-collar workers who often pay for knowledge, and old kellers who have just withdrawn from the postal market.

The dream of being rich will not be easily destroyed. At a blockchain exchange meeting in Beijing, an investor directly asked the speaker. “Do you know the regulatory information? Can you disclose the situation? What should we do? ”

In the face of such sudden and straightforward questions, the guest speakers can only be high-sounding and explain the supervisory attitude. Like stocks, digital currency investors will not miss any opportunity to inquire about internal news.