Due to the 2004 tsunami disaster, we spent time with social contribution and environmental protection organizations and actively support them. We value the fact that we contribute to the local community through dedication to the volunteer activities of our employees and respond to corporate responsibility. We call it Hybrid.Care ™.

Since 2004, we have donated more than 4.5 million dollars to nonprofit organizations.
With limited resources and diverse goals, our Hybrid.Care partners have built the path to change through community, education and understanding of people.
What each organization shares is belief in consideration, sustainability, and honesty.
What is reduced from them is irreplaceable.
For more information on our Hybrid.Care ™ partners, please visit their website.

– On the support for the disaster area of ​​the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake –

KEEN Japan will continue to support donation and supplies support activities based on the KEEN Hybrid.Care program over the long term for support toward the affected areas of the Tohoku Region Pacific Offshore Earthquake .

We will keep updating such as activity status of the program, announcement regarding support activities of our partners.

KEEN Hybrid.Care program (English)

Echigo Tsumari’s Winter 2012 – Snow Art Project & Forest School  [Echigo Tsumari’s Forest School]  wrote: KEEN Japan

On 2 / 25-26, “Echigo Tsumari’s Winter 2012 – Snow Art Project” and “Snow Sports Festival” that KEEN staff participated & supported, and “Echigo Tsumari possessed by inviting parents and children of Tohoku” The forest school of “Forest School” has been uploaded. Please see from

here .

VIDEO: Echigo-Tsumari 2012 Snow Art Project – Snow Sports Festival “Snow Sports Day” edited

One’s Hands Project
– Children in the disaster area to the Silk Ski Area – The members of

” I LOVE SNOW ” who are active mainly at the Winter Olympics and world-renowned skiers and snowboarders are active , mainly in the East Japan great earthquake disaster Through the “NPO corporation One’s Hands Project” launched after the earthquake, support for activities from the KEEN Fund was decided for the recovery of disaster areas and the future of children.

【One’s Hands Project】

【Main Activities】
Project to support children in disaster area through snow sports.

Approximately 80 people of the disaster area in the Tohoku area enjoy skiing under the guidance of the Olympic skiers at the local ski resort, which is also affected by the earthquake disaster, with the staff from the local area on the bus.

Former Olympic athlete Tetsuya Okabe is the representative of this main activity. Okabe is the world’s top skier who participated in the winter Olympic games in Calgary, Albertville, Lillehammer as an alpine skier.
Ski industry representatives such as active skier Kimitaro Minagawa, Ms. Aiko Uemura, Mr. Tatsuya Satani, and Miyuki Hatanaka, famous as Japan’s leading skier, are participating.

【Activity support event】
3/23 (FRI)
ONE’S HANDA Kids’ Snow Festa 2012 in Iwate · Natsu Oil Tropical Ski Resort
Supported by KEEN

3/29 (THU)
ONE’S HANDA Kids’ Snow Festa 2012 in Fukushima / Alz Bandai Ski Resort
Supported by KEEN

【KEEN Foundation】
Donation: 950,000 yen
Support Start: March 2012

KEEN Fund is 0.5% KEEN Japan Foundation “which is used for KEEN related support activities aiming for reconstruction assistance.

* Donation is scheduled as support money for reconstruction support activities related to KEEN partners whose funds are not abundant.
* We will keep you informed of “KEEN Fund” related information from time to time on the “Hybrid.Care project” page of KEEN Japan site.

VIDEO: Echigo – Tsumari 2012 Snow Art Project – Snow ‘s Athletic Meeting “Snow Sports Day” edited UP.
KEEN Japan exchanges children and KEEN staff while supporting the numerous projects of Echigo-Tsumari’s land art festival Art Triennale and the forest school where the children of victims of the Tohoku earthquake participate with the KEEN Foundation .

VIDEO: Echigo-Tsumari 2012 Winter Snow Art Project ~ Snow Sports Meeting “Entrance March” Highlights.

KEEN Japan has supporting their projects of Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale and the Forest School for Tohoku earthquake victim’s children.

The feature of ‘KEEN rice terrar tour × forest school of the art festival of the earth’ carried out in autumn 2011, featured at free paper 88 issued today. Please click here for

distributors or 88. 【Echigo-Tsumari Artnet Disaster Recovery Fund Support】KEEN invited us to this “Forest School of the Earth Earth Art Festival” in order to support part of the tour cost of parents and children of the afflicted areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Earth Art Festival Through the “Echigo-Tsumari Artnet Disaster Recovery Fund” launched by the Executive Committee, we donated 900,000 yen from the KEEN Fund as activity support.

Arts Festival of the village of Echigo Tsumari earth snow Art Project held! !

KEEN plans to participate in “Snow’s Athletic Meet” and “Forest School” with support.

【Snow’s Athletic Meeting】
Date: February 25 (Sat) 13: 30-16: 00
Place: Matsudai “Agricultural Stage” Around Snowmobile Athletics Special Site Venue
: Free

athletic meet in Snow is held for the first time! Grandpa’s grandparents and grandmothers from local children, parents and children of Tohoku, overseas teams, helicopters, etc. participated. It is a sports festival with outdated competition. Matsudai “Agricultural stage” Piloti plans to open stalls as well.

– KEEN – Decide
to qualify for the athletic meet .

【Forest School】
Date and time: February 25 (Saturday) – 26 (Sunday)

– Activity contents –
“Echigo-Tsumari’s forest school”, both the local and the parents and children of the city enjoying both people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, I ate delicious food and opened it in the summer of 2011 to create a place and time where I can become healthy.Echigo Tsumari will continue to conduct a small “festival” as a proof to live, to communicate with those who suffered damage.

For more information

– The pattern of the forest school in the summer –