Importance of eReader Covers

eReader covers – eReaders don’t typically require a lot of add-ons, so there isn’t a lot of extra spending once you buy one. eReaders don’t have external battery units, and they have no need of video or speaker docks. Nor do they need wireless remotes, external keyboards or car mounts. Here are 10 reasons why a cover for your e-reader is an indispensable accessory that should be right at the top of your desired gifts list.

1. eReader Covers Protect Your E-reader From Harm
Remember that your e-reader has a sheet of thin glass that needs to be protected. If you drop your e-reader, you could break the screen or fracture the case. At the very least, you might end up with some unsightly scratches and dings. Even if you don’t have a heavy duty cover, it will provide some protection against damage in the event that you drop it.

2. eReader Covers Protect Your E-Reader from Spills and from the Elements
Electronic equipment and moisture don’t mix. Likewise, foreign substances are not welcome. Even though sealed, waterproof covers are offered for many e-readers (excellent for beach fans), any cover will give some protection. A few raindrops or a dribble from the sink are easy to dry off the cover, however if they drop directly on your e-reader and water goes inside the machine, there may be negative results.

eReader Cover

3. eReader Covers Reduce Fingerprints
It’s difficult to keep handheld devices free of fingerprints, particularly those with metal or shiny plastic cases. You may want a cover that is made of some sort of oil resistant material if you find you are getting lots of oily fingerprints on your eReader.

4. Personalization
You can get your e reader cover personalized to make it really your own. Are you sad that the cover you want only comes in one color? Fret not! You can get e-reader covers in all kinds of materials, such as silicon, leather, or nylon, and just about any color or pattern you can think of. With a set of covers, you will be able to alter the appearance of your e-reader anytime.

5. Renewal
Your e-reader may begin to look dilapidated or outdated, even though it is still perfectly functional. A spiffy new e-reader cover can give it a great, updated look. Maybe it’s not what you had in mind; nonetheless, if your e-reader is looking outdated but still works well, a new cover will give it a fresh new appearance with a very small outlay of cash.

6. eReader Covers Gives Easier Grip
As e-readers were intended to be hand held, they are usually easy to hold in your hands. Still, you might accidentally drop it now and then. You can cut down on potential damage from dropping when you use a textured cover, a cover with a handle, or a cover with a little padding.

7. Helps in the Transition from Paper Books
If you are having a hard time transitioning from 2 handed book reading to one handed e-reading, you may really appreciate an e-reader cover. You will have a more authentic reading experience with an e-reader cover because it will make your e-reader feel more like a real book.

8. Built-In Extras
Some e-reader cover manufacturers make e-reader covers with a lot of built in extras and perks to enhance your e-reading experience. You can get e-reader covers from both Amazon and Sony that are equipped with a retractable LED light. You can pull it out for night reading or tuck it away into the spine of the cover when not needed. Some have a handy cloth included to wipe your screen. Still others have pockets and pouches so that you can store extra gear, such as styluses and memory cards.

9. eReader Covers Gives Camouflage
There may be times when you feel uneasy about toting a valuable electronic unit in the open. Aiding to conceal your e-reader, a cover prevents roving eyes from spotting your unit. If you would like, you can even have your e-reader blend in on a bookshelf by using an appropriate cover.

10. Inexpensive Gift Idea
E-readers are pretty expensive, but an e-reader cover is a fairly inexpensive gift. Whenever someone wants to give you a gift, you could ask for an e-reader book cover. If you love e-books, it is unlikely an acquaintance will buy you an e-reader, and they might have a hard time choosing an e-book, but a cover is inexpensive, and there are lots of nice choices. Be sure they know the e-reader model you own, or are planning to buy.


Good luck in finding your preferred e-book reader.