iRex Reader Review


For business people, the iRex Digital Reader is just perfect. Many features are included to help offices operate more effectively and with less of an environmental impact. As a matter of fact, it is quite possible that the iRex Digital e Reader has the largest offering of functions of all the e-readers we looked at, with the exception of the Kindle 2, making it very high on our list of attractive choices.

Reading is quite comfortable due to the Digital Reader 1000s’ high resolution. Not only is reading ability enhanced by a large screen, it is also possible to read comfortably in many different lighting conditions. Using a stylus, users can write notes and draw on the touch screen, adding an element of fun as well as function. Content is automatically adjusted to fit the size of the screen display due to reflow capability. In addition, the IREX reader, with its 10.2 inch wide screen display, makes any document look great.

Keeping in mind that the Digital Reader 1000s was originally designed to promote a fully paperless electronic office environment, its large touch screen is an outstanding feature. It is very easy to electronically view documents in their original form, and it is possible to add notes and annotations on the fly using the stylus. Glare is minimized by cutting edge technology – the Electronic Paperless Display, which also enhances the visibility of the text on the screen.

PressReader service comes with the device as well. This provides users with access to 1020 newspapers from 81 countries, allowing them to download to their device and read them. Supported formats are BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPEC, PRC, DRM, HTML, TXT, PDF & Mobipocket. As firmware updates come out, additional file formats will be supported.

Nonetheless, there are some negative aspects to having a large screen. Compared with other eReaders, this device is a little bit heavy. It has lower battery life (only 12 hours). It’s not really suited for voracious readers on the move. Additionally, there is not flash disk or hard drive, so you have to use SD cards to store files. The IREX 1000 S is pricey, with a price tag of $799.

Intended to be utilized for document management in a totally electronic office, the IREX Reader is excellent for that purpose. This reader may not suit the needs of those who require greater stamina, mobility and additional features in the electronic readers. Additionally, one very handy feature is the large 10.2 touch screen.

Bottom Line 
Basically, the iRex Reader is great if you don’t plan on doing any recreational reading. This ereader has many features and services that are appealing to businesses, making business activities more efficient and environmentally friendly.

In design, the iRex Digital eBook Reader bears some similarities to other devices from iRex, such as the iLiad 2nd Edition and Book Edition, which you can also find on this review site. It’s just half an inch thick, so it’s very portable and thin. It’s a lot smaller and more efficient than the briefcase.

One great feature of the iRex is that it “prints” docs to the reader. This feature saves paper and time. It is possible to send a document to the iRex Digital Reader where it will be converted, similar to an Adobe PDF file, into a format that can be stored on your reader. This saves you from having to print the same document multiple times. Then you can make notes and save the whole thing.

One of the best reasons to get the iRex Reader is its touchscreen. Larger than the screens on any other reader we reviewed, it is possible to utilize the touchscreen for navigation as well as for taking notes or highlighting text. Because of this, the iRex Reader is regarded as one of the best readers to utilize when marking text in a document or editing it.

There is no dedicated content provider for the iRex Reader, and it has the ability to read almost any information found on the internet. It can also print or convert to PDF. These capabilities make the quantity of available content almost limitless. However, if you plan to utilize it for books, it does not have enough storage for many titles and it supports a limited number of book files.

Additional Features 
In addition, even though the battery only lasts 24 hours, it’s unlikely you will need for it to last longer at a go.

It includes wireless and features a convenient screen that responds when written on, but it is far and away the priciest device amongst those we reviewed. While the features are unique, they do not justify such a high price.

It is possible to get in touch with iRex Technologies on their support page. Or you can download their frequently asked questions and general information articles which come as PDFs.