Nook Accessories Review

Nook Accessories – You’re having a blast with your Nook e-Reader, so now you should take advantage of some of the most popular Nook accessories on the market. Following is a list of our 5 favorite accessories for the Nook eReader that will help you get even more pleasure from it.

1. Nook Deluxe Carrying Case 
Available for purchase at Amazon, the Nook Deluxe Carrying Case is equipped with an Accessory Genie. This scratch-resistant, water-resistant, deluxe case includes heavy-duty zippered compartments, interior zip mesh protection pockets, blower cleaning brush and micro fiber cloth. Complete with a 3-year limited warranty, it is ideal for keeping your e-Reader safe and sound while you are traveling. You can purchase this Nook accessory for approximately $20.

2. Barnes & Noble Nook Accessories Kit 
The accessories kit comes with an unbelievably huge array of items! For just $22 on Amazon, you receive a jet black/neon pink carry sleeve with an extra pocket, custom cut Nook screen protector, Nook wall charger, Nook earphones, Nook car charger, and the Live, Laugh, Love wrist band. In addition, the new memory foam padding assists in guarding your e-Reader from damage!

3. TrendyDigtial Water Guard Waterproof Case 
Priced at only $16 on Amazon, this waterproof case that has been designed just for the Nook e-Reader is an accessory that you cannot do without.

Since it is made especially for the Nook, it provides a keep pad and navigation button that can be accessed simply through the case to make it easy to operate. Direct sunlight will not discolor it since it comes with a UV-stabilizer, and the WaterGuard protects it from dust, water, sand and cold temperatures. Since you can adjust the strap, you can either put it around your neck or on your shoulder.

4. Tough Cube Carrying Case 
You will be fashionable with the Tough Cube Carry Case. A black eLight comes with this Nook accessory and can be bought on Amazon for only $15.

It comes in your choice of black, pink, blue or red, so you should be able to find one in a color that you love or that is appropriate for gift-giving. You can take the Nook with you no matter where you go, since it has a scratch proof, water resistant, hard cube case. It has a dual zipper so it is easy to open and your Nook will remain in place because there are strap restraints on the inside.

5. Premium Clear Full Screen Protector 
Last but not least on our list of essential accessories for nook is an excellent idea for a stocking stuffer. The Top Clear Full Screen Protector can also be bought at Amazon for a mere $3.75!

That price is so reasonable that it pays to get a few of these screen protectors. Scratch-proof and bubble-free, they are made of PET material and provide outstanding protection for the LCD screen. It’s a snap for anyone to apply and it even comes with a micro fiber cloth. An ideal present for all Nook owners!