Nook Battery Removal: How to Change Battery of Barnes & Noble Nook

Nook battery is replaceable – I really like devices that utilize replaceable batteries, as they provide users with many options. In addition to permitting consumers to extend the operation time of a device by utilizing a spare battery, replaceable batteries save you the nuisance of sending your device away when the power source has to be replaced. Normally it is less expensive to replace the batteries as well. (Following is a sampling of Nook battery prices; prices can range from $20 to $40.)

Even though knowing how to change the Nook battery isn’t that simple, it really is easier than you may believe. After following our step by step manual, you will be showing off your Nook battery changing abilities to your friends and family very soon. The only tool required is a small Philips screwdriver and a good hand.

Notice those slots on the Nook eReader’s sides? Those are for digging your nails in to get the thingamajig open. There are many ways to attack the problem, but you will most likely want to choose a position that provides you with the maximum amount of leverage. The two pronged method was the most successful for me, but your results might be different. You will be glad to hear that the production of this tutorial did not entail the breaking of or harm to any nails.

This is what your Nook will look like once you have removed the back cover. (And you don’t have to hold onto it as tight as I am in the photo. The only reason I did this is because I had to take a picture with the other hand.) Can we take a closer look now?

Putting in a new battery is the same as taking it out, but you do it backwards.

The first thing to do is be certain that the Barnes & Noble logo is in the front. Then begin by lining up the bottom part of the battery to the correct connectors and push the battery in.

After the battery has been correctly placed, use the screw to secure it again. Similar to the battery, putting the Nook’s cover back on is like doing it backwards.

Begin with the bottom of the gadget, and then move the upper connectors to their matching slots. Once you have them lined up, simply press until you hear a click. Check the sides to ensure that the back cover has been put back in place correctly and that there are no gaps that should not be there.