Novel eReader – Pandigital Novel Personal eReader Review


The second eBook reader offering by Pandigital, the Pandigital Novel Personal eReader is the company’s premiere attempt to produce an electronic paper eReader. Their first device, the Pandigital Novel Tablet, was released in June.

It is a 7-inch multipurpose eReader that features a color LCD touch-screen as well as an Android operating system. The Novel eReader claim to fame is that it is the first eBook reader in the country to utilize a SiPix display rather than the eInk screen panels that are featured on the Amazon Kindle, Nook, Sony, etc. However, it looks like that’s no accident at all. (more…)

Nook Color Review

Nook Color review – Barnes & Noble promotes the Nook eReader Color as a reader, but it is actually an Android-based multi-media device. Its souped up software provides a tablet-style UI as well as other functions such as audio and video playback via the Android Media Player, web browsing, and Internet radio streaming.

Nonetheless, B&N has increased Nook  ereader’s-centric qualities by adding applications such as Office document viewer, book snippets-sharing via social media sites, and Lonely Planet and In addition, you will be able to fully experience magazines and newspapers because of the full color support. (more…)

Barnes & Noble Nook 3G + Wi-F Review


Barnes & Noble’s Nook features some capabilities that are absent in its rival, the Editors’ Choice-winning Kindle e-reader, and the Nook is closing the gap even further by offering a reduced price of $199.

Not only does the Nook provide twice as many books to choose from (one million versus 500,000 from Amazon), as well as a color, touch screen display, but it also supports the open EPUB format, Wi-Fi access (the Kindle can only utilize its own 3G network), and a Micro SD memory expansion slot. In addition, included in the new 1.3 firmware upgrade are a Web browser, games and sorely needed faster page turning capabilities, all of which make the Nook an even more attractive e-book reader. (more…)

Barnes and Noble Nook eBook Reader Reviews


The Barnes and Noble Nook ebook Reader provides an experience that is similar to reading actual books: the book pages are as sharp and clear as those on actual books and the screen display can be used in bright sunlight, just as a reader would be able to do with a real book.

The Nook, which is backed by a huge United States retail chain, has a large selection of books, newspapers and magazines from which to choose, and all of them are reasonably priced.

However, this device is responsible for having started new standards or fads when it comes to eReaders. The Barnes and Noble Nook is the only ereader that runs on Google’s Android OS, and it is also the only ereader that has a built-in AT&T plus Wi-Fi combination. Additionally, this is the first e Readerto be successful at packing two different screens into one single device — a 6 inch eInk screen and a 3.5 inch LCD screen. (more…)

Kobo Wireless eReader Review


The Kobo e-reader Wireless is a vast improvement over the company’s Original Kobo eReader that became available earlier this year. Wireless Internet access is available on the new model, permitting you to shop at the Kobo eBook store; it also comes with new features, like a built-in Webster’s Dictionary. (more…)

Kobo Reader Review


With 8 levels of grayscale, the 6-inch screen of the Kobo displays with 600 x 800 pixels. This provides a very impressive display pixel concentration of 170 dots per inch (dpi).

The only two fonts available on this unit are Georgia (serif) and Trebuchet (sans serif). Each font is available in five sizes. It’s a good idea to use the smaller font size because using a larger font size increases page turn requirements. Using bigger font size is not an advantage for this unit unless the user suffers from sight problems. This device literally does not support sound. This means that there is no text- to-voice option available on in this eReader. (more…)

iRex Reader Review


For business people, the iRex Digital Reader is just perfect. Many features are included to help offices operate more effectively and with less of an environmental impact. (more…)

Sony Touch Edition Review


Last year, Sony — who pioneered the eReader market before it became trendy — came out with three new digital readers in an attempt to capture back some of its dominance. The Touch Edition, as the name implied, was the first device in the family to incorporate touch functionality, which Sony said would move e-reading closer to reading print books.

The benefits of the touch couldn’t make up for the glare-prone display and slow performance. In addition, Amazon and Barnes & Noble both lowered their prices to compete with the major electronics giant earlier this year. Now Sony enters the picture: It has released a new version of its Touch Edition ($229), and even though it has corrected many of the earlier version’s problems, is it still too expensive? (more…)

Sony Pocket Edition Review


Sony’s the Daily Edition and Touch are among the eReaders that have added touch capabilities and an improved eInk screen. You can find these features on the Sony’s Pocket Edition.

Sony Pocket Edition

The Sony Reader Pocket Edition is the least expensive eReader that Sony offers, selling at only $179. It is a strong competitor for B&N Nook and Amazon Kindle 3G at this price. However, does the touchscreen compensate enough for the fact that it doesn’t have wireless capabilities? (more…)

Sony Daily Edition Review


Although you may not recall this, Sony’s first Reader device became available in 2006, long before eBooks were trendy. The next year, Kindle was first marketed by Amazon. It offered the ability to download wireless media. Since Sony delayed adding this function, it would later be included in the category it helped create.

With the Sony Reader Daily Edition, the company hopes to recapture their market share with a device that has 3G wireless and a larger touch screen display than that of the Barnes & Noble, Nook or the Amazon Kindle 2. Although, it costs $399, this unit is $140 more expensive than its rivals. Is the cost of premium worth it? (more…)

Sharper Image Literati Review

Sharper Image Literati Overview 

If you have been seeking a dedicated color eReader, the Sharper Literati might be what you are looking for. The wide 7-inch screen of the Literati aims to display not simply books but magazines, newspapers, comic books, photography books, cookbooks and similar items as they were meant to be seen.

The proportions of the Sharper Literati, though, are not as even as those of the Kindle. The device appears to be too long. However, it appears well-constructed. Colors available for the Literati include white, gray and black.

The Sharper Image Literati isn’t trying to be a tablet, unlike color eReaders such as Augen the Bookor the Velocity CRUZ. Its primary purpose is reading, and it’s very pared down as far as features. It provides no distractions, such as games or videos. (more…)

RCA REB1100 Review


The REB1200’s big color screen and sleek design is aimed squarely at the more high end of the dedicated e-book reader market. However, some of its flaws include a limited selection of available books, lack of ability to display other kinds of documents and a so-so screen.

With its large color screen and sleek design, the REB1200 will be considered a high-end dedicated e-book reader. However, the lack of books available, poor support for different formats, and lackluster screen make this task rather difficult. (more…)

Pocketbook IQ Review


There is no better buy for an entry level tablet than the Pocket book IQ. It only costs $139 US and it has a great deal more functionality straight out of the box than most other low-priced tablet computers. (more…)

PocketBook pro 902 Review


At first, you might think that the PocketBook 902 is merely a “wide-screen” version of the PocketBook Pro 602. While there is some truth to that statement and it is obvious that these two eReaders certainly belong to the same line, there are other differences inherent in the PocketBook 902 other than just its size. (more…)

PocketBook 602 pro Review


The latest PocketBook device, released Nov. 2010, is a definite effort to outperform its competitors. However, what was intended to challenge or even completely vanquish Sony, Kindle and Nook had a more mixed reception, and there are many reasons why. (more…)

PocketBook 360 Review


PocketBook-360 is just one of the many devices that make reading and finding content go the “green way.” At just 5″, the 360 is a compact and good-looking device. Using this device enables you to save the trees while reading conveniently. Once you get your hands on this, you’ll wish you had embraced high-tech over your traditional reading habits sooner.

PocketBook Global is a joint Taiwanese-Ukrainian company, and the PocketBook-360 is its second device in its eReader line. The 360’s makers are dedicated to improving eReading, so it’s no surprise that this latest model is lighter and more compact than the Pockectbook 301 that came before it. (more…)

PocketBook 301 Review


The market has many different eBook readers. They can be classified into two types. The first type has readers similar to Kindle. It’s manufactured by Amazon, a major company, is optimized for a certain format and provides excellent online support via Whispernet.

These eBook readers are relatively inexpensive because the company makes most of its money on the sales of eBooks. Because the reader is optimized for the DRM format of the company that manufacturers the reader, you are pretty much forced to purchase books from the company. (more…)

Distributed story in blockchain ecology

“Trevets looked up and looked as if they were penetrating thick layers of moon rock, reaching the surface of the moon and interplanetary space; it seemed as though they were trying hard to see the distant galaxies that were slowly moving in the incredible space of Hongmeng.”

The famous American science fiction novelist Asimov ended in “Base and Earth.” This novel predicts that due to the ideological struggle of everyone in the galaxy, the war is imminent, and the protagonist, Treviitz, is looking for ways to make the entire galaxy more harmonious. (more…)

Researchers found that 4G vulnerabilities can steal user information and send false alarms

According to foreign media reports, researchers at Purdue University and the University of Iowa after research and investigation found a large number of new vulnerabilities in the 4G LTE network, they can peeping user information, tapping their phones, making the device offline or even false Emergency alert. The researchers described 10 attacks in detail in their response report.

These vulnerabilities can initiate authentication relay attacks by emulating the identities of existing users. While verifying that relay attacks are not new attacks, recent research shows that they can be used to intercept messages, track users’ locations, and prevent them from connecting to the network. (more…)

iPhone X sales less than 40 million this season

According to foreign media reports, the Nikkei Asian Review reported January 29 and February 20 that Apple is reducing the production of iPhone X from 40 million units in March to 20 million units in March.

This seems to be the market for the iPhone in March quarter of the quarter was significantly lower than the previous quarter in December last year, iPhone X sales will be disappointing. But when you look at these numbers and compare them to the new products of the same period last year, you will find that 20 million iPhone X data are more historical. (more…)