Pandigital Novel 7 Review

Pandigital Novel 7 is a tad heavy at 19 ounces but the majority of books I usually read are heavy too. The web surfing is adequate if the Wi-Fi connection is strong. The 800×600 pixel screen provides resolution and color that is superior to that provided by most tablets of that size and in that price range.

As I am aslo into photography, I relish being able to put it in the stand on a shelf or table and view a slide show or just show my recent stuff to friends. Simply put your jpegs on an SD card and insert it into the card slot.

If you’re using your home Wi-Fi connection, set the SSID, or your network name, to be broadcasting — if it’s hidden, then thePandigital cannot connect. You need to have the most recent firmware on your computer to enjoy all of the features of the great eReader model.

Once I did the calibration, using my finger on the screen worked great. I think the Pandigital is much more advanced than theKindle I had, except for the 3G network, since I always needed a Wi-Fi connection to access the Internet with the Pandigital. I would suggest this one.

Pandigital is working with Barnes & Noble, Inc., the biggest bookstore is the world, to run the eBookstore available on the Pandigital Novel eReader. Users of the Pandigital Novel 7 can easily access Barnes & Noble’s ever growing eBookstore catalog containing upwards of one million eBooks, magazines, newspapers and a wide variety of free eBooks including over half a million free classics.

With the Pandigital Novel 7 interface, users are able to quickly and conveniently browse, sample, buy, and download media in seconds. It is a simple matter to access digital content in the Barnes & Noble eBookstore. It is also easy to access media stored in the user’s personal Barnes & Noble digital library.

A number of other advanced features are available to Pandigital Novel 7 customers, such as the LendMe™ technology from Barnes & Noble that permits users to share eBooks with other users for 14 days.

You will find a vibrant full color TFT LCD display on the Pandigital Novel 7-inch Color Multimedia eReader, which will allow you to enjoy books and periodicals displayed in personalized bookshelves in living color inside and out.

The edge-to-edge glass screen is full-color with 800 x 600 resolution. This allows Pandigital customers to completely enjoy their digital photos using a virtual album. They are also able to watch video on the go.

The touch-screen is responsive and, along with the intuitive user interface, is simple to navigate and control. This makes it extremely straightforward to move through applications, locate excellent digital content in the Barnes & Noble eBookstore, and browse the Internet.

According to Dean Finnegan, CEO and founder of Pandigital, the primary goal when designing the Pandigital 7 was to provide a topnotch e-reading experience. Pandigital delivers value that isn’t available generally in the eReader category. It does this by combining excellent customer service, a user friendly design and excellent Barnes & Noble content.

This simple, fun to use and affordable product with its many extra features will allow Pandigital Novel customers to read what they are interested in and do more things while mobile.

Chris Peifer, Barnes &’s Vice President of Business Development, says that the company proudly offers Pandigital Novel customer’s simple and integrated access to the enormous resources in the Barnes & Noble eBookstore to help them find and enjoy many eBooks and periodicals.

He went on to say that it is a simple matter for users Pandigital Novel 7 of to access their Barnes & Noble digital content from their existing account and, using the unique LendMe technology, they can share eBooks with others, regardless of whether or not those users have a dedicated eBook reader.

Reading is Simply More Fun
The Pandigital 7 was designed to include convenience features that assist readers in obtaining the most from their eBooks and periodicals. With a simple touch of the screen, it is possible to utilize the built-in dictionary, do word searches to review past references, and make notes utilizing the virtual keyboard. Other features include the ability to create several bookmarks, highlight important text, and modify the font for better readability.

Weighing just one pound and with dimensions of 5.5″ x 7.5″ x .5″, the Pandigital Novel 7-inch Color Multimedia eReader was designed for users to utilize no matter where they go. You can save, store, and transfer unlimited eBooks, music, video, or image files easily thanks to a full 1GB of memory.

The device is able to house hundreds of books. It also boasts expandable storage which is provided by the SD/MMC memory card slot. This can support as many as 32GB cards. Also, due to the use of rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Pandigital Novel has a long battery life which can last up to six hours in reading mode.

Extremely Useful All-In-One Device Provides Fun and Connectivity 
With the Pandigital Novel 7-inch Color Multimedia eReader, no matter where they go, consumers can listen to their favorite music and view their favorite photos and videos. Pandigital 7 users are able to run a number of connected applications through connection to the Internet utilizing the built-in wireless module and public wireless or any home hotspot.

Because it utilizes a combination of the Android operating system and an ARM 11 Mobile processor, a full web browser is built in to this Pandigital Novel 7, allowing users to access the Internet where they can view recent news, events, weather and update their social media sites. The built-in email application allows customers to stay connected easily.

The pictures and video files are very colorful and full of details, plus the attached audio player allows people to play music almost any place. Also included with the Pandigital Novel 7-inch Color are features like a built-in calendar for appointments and an alarm.