Pandigital Novel Review

Pandigital, is among one of the premier names in digital photo frames, utilizes their knowledge of digital screens by coming out with an eBook reader that features a TFT LCD color screen, an average memory capacity and Wi-Fi capability. By releasing the  Novel eReader, they have taken a huge step.A resistive touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 is included on the Pandigital Novel 9 inch model. A stylus comes with the device and is attached on the lower corner. Inputting data is a snap with its keyboard, with the stylus being rarely utilized. The following applications are pre-installed on the unit: email, day planner, calendar, Facebook, web browser, dictionary, calculator, playing audio and video, and running slideshows.

Pandigital Novel eReader has formed an alliance with the Barnes and Noble eBook store, enabling users to utilize WiFi to download eBooks, magazines and journals. Because it runs on the Android operating system, other eBook reading apps can be installed on the unit and it supports PDF files purchased from other vendors.

An SD card slot is included on the unit, accommodating cards up to 32GB. MP4 is supported by Pandigital Novel’s video application and it is possible to view YouTube videos too.

Pandigital Novel Review – Positives
E-book reader featuring color touch screen; built-in Wi-Fi; ability to access Barnes & Noble eBook store; SD expansion slot for additional memory; Web browser and e-mail capabilities; displays images and several video formats; support for audio and MP3 playback.

Pandigital Novel Review – Negatives
Problematic resistive touch-screen; very slow performance; interface is not as intuitive as it could be; overall user experience could be better.

Pandigital Novel Review – Bottom Line: 
Although the Novel eReader is not perfect, their premiere eReading device makes an excellent impression. Before it can be the top eReader, the Pandigital Novel needs some tweaking, but once they get some issues straightened out, it will be a device that they will be proud of.

As successful producers of digital photo frames, Pandigital knows how to produce a display screen with impressive features, and they showed their prowess in this area with the Novel. Relatively big for ereaders (other than models like the Kindle DX), a 7-inch LCD color touchscreen comes with the Pandigital Novel eReader. The Novel has full touchscreen capabilities with a virtual keyboard that can be a challenge to utilize.

The LCD is problematic in that, similar to a computer monitor, after about an hour of use, it causes eye discomfort. E-ink is the display type most commonly used in good eBook readers because they are not hard on the eyes.

Another problem with this device is its weight. The Pandigital Novel eReader cannot be comfortably used as a one-handed eBook reader, and it cannot be held for too long a time. Weighing one pound, it is large enough to make you feel somewhat strained after reading for awhile.

Using the LendMe feature, the Novel can lend content. This permits users to share eBooks with family and friends for as long as two weeks. However, when the book in on loan, the owner is not allowed to view it. This should not be a big issue since, if a person lent a paperback book to someone else, the lender could not read the book while it was in the borrower’s possession.

eBooks from Barnes and Noble can be browsed and accessed using the Novel. Over half a million classics are available free for the unit. ePUB, HTML and PDF formats are recognized by the eBook reader.

Memory/Battery Life: 
A total of 1GB internal memory is contained in the Pandigital Novel eReader. This will be enough to store a great many books, but if you do a great deal of reading, an SD card as large as 32GB can be used with the device to expand the storage capacity. It will let you pick from thousands of eBooks available, all in front of you.

While in reading mode, the Novel’s battery lasts about six hours. This is far less than the Kindle’s battery, which can go for days without being charged. Utilizing an Android Operating System, this Pandigital device is compatible with Windows 2000, Vista/7 and Mac OS X.

Additional Features: 
The Pandigital Novel eReader has a number of features that make reading easier and more pleasant. Besides an included dictionary, the Novel provides word find, multiple bookmarks as well as text highlighting. This can provide you with a better experience when you read or study.

It is possible for Novel users to access the Internet. Wi-Fi capabilities, email access and a web browser combine to make surfing the Internet possible. The Novel also allows users to listen to music, view videos and play games. Let’s not forget, this would not be a Pandigital product if there was no digital photo frame. Digital photo playback functions are incorporated into the eReader and, if placed in the included desktop stand, it becomes a photo.

I hope you enjoyed reading the Pandigital Novel Review, have a good day.