KEEN.DRY ™ is a waterproof breathable material dedicated to KEEN’s own shoes designed to walk longer and comfortably.
While fully waterproof, KEEN.DRY ™ boasts high moisture permeability, it is also durable and supplely designed to accommodate the natural movement of the foot.

■ S3 Heel Support Structure

“S3 Heel Support Structure” is a large heel part molded integrally with KEEN’s original.
Unique shape and deep heel cup, special blended EVA material realizes excellent supportability, stability, cushioning property at the same time.


“KEEN.CORK” is a next-generation insole material that takes into account KEEN’s unique environment, adopting renewable natural cork.


High functional footbed that blends polyurethane base layer with less cushioning degradation and top layer of memory form material with shape memory function.


Special form with a function to increase cushioning and keep balance during walking mounted under the footbed, the entire insole section.

■ Tri Density Midsole

It is not easy to realize a powerful kick out with a trail. This newly developed system demonstrates high performance. It creates maximum flexion, protects the toes that Korafuto kicks, and provides comfortable trail running with excellent stability.

■ Stuffing Paper

The stuffing paper in the shoes is made of the same recycled cardboard as Eco Carton. We also use recycled materials for the Stuffing Paper to shape the shape of the shoes.

■ Not … Hang tag

When you bought KEEN and opened the box, was there a simple image? A lot of function explanation tags attached together when I bought clothes and shoes. KEEN does not tag to avoid using wasted resources. Please see the back of the box. What KEEN wants to tell is written here.

■ KEEN.DCR (Dual Climate Rubber)

Dual Climate Rubber is KEEN’s unique performance material which utilized the technology of tire manufacturer for shoes.
In places where snow is piled, the rubber becomes hard, so to speak, it is a substitute for a spike.
On the other hand, on ordinary road surfaces such as asphalt, rubber gets softer, which increases grip performance.


It is a heat insulating material of KEEN original which blended bamboo charcoal of natural material into polyester. Bamboo charcoal is a next-generation natural material that enhances heat retention by far infrared effect, suppresses odor by antibacterial action, absorbs humidity, and keeps comfortable inside the foot room.


The thermal heat shield that does not miss heat shuts off the cold from the ground, and woolen soft wool keeps your feet warm and dry.


Three-dimensionally molded footbed according to the shape of the sole enhances fit and support, providing superior comfort. In accordance with the use of shoes, material used, hardness, shape has been changed.


We are applying special processing that penetrates silicon liquid into fine leather. Foot familiarity is good, leather’s suppleness is not impaired semipermanently. Durability to rain and water is also high, universal leather which does not require care.


Antibacterial and deodorant processing by AEGIS Environmental Management Co., which reduces germs causing odor and dirt. It is a state-of-the-art technology that has less allergic reaction to the skin and is friendly to the natural environment.


Toy Box’s wide KEEN original last (wooden) adopts a wooden pattern that also fits the Japanese footstool. If you adjust with shoe lace, you will achieve more optimum fitting.

■ 100% Hybrid Green Box

KEEN’s new 100% recycling box is a small change we have created. This 100% Hybrid Green Box has seven advantages.

  • 100% recycled biodegradable material
  • No adhesive used
  • Reduction in weight and fuel consumption by transportation by reducing weight by 25% compared with conventional box
  • Use natural ink with soybean as the raw material, minimize printing spots
  • Reduction of materials
  • Reduce labor at production and disposal by reducing production process
  • Collapsible, easy to collect and recycle

■ Sustainable Display Tools

The table used when displaying items at the shop is made of plywood made from cardboard, wood scraps, sunflower seeds.