Top Kindle Accessories

Kindle Accessories – One of the primary complaints regarding new technology is that is does not seem to go with the decor of the modern office. The Kindle lighted leather covers can possibly handle that. Fashionable protection is afforded by this genuine leather case; it also includes a built-in retractable reading light. At the inexpensive price of $59.99, it is a great way to add sophisticated protection for your treasured e reader.

The cover is available in black, burnt orange, chocolate brown, hot pink, steel blue, apple green and burgundy red and features a grey microfibre suede interior that provides luxurious protection against damage. The cover fits a six-inch screen and has a reading light built into the case body. Additional batteries are not necessary since it gets its energy from the Kindle unit.

Rapid Car Charger – Kindle Accessories 
The Gomadic rapid card charger Kindle accessory is ideal for active people. If you do not have the time to wait around at home while your Kindle charges, you need this accessory. It’s also great for those reading during long car trips when the Kindle is running low. It’s not necessary to stop at the next rest stop and hold up the trip! The $29.95 price of the Gomadic is great if you read more than a book a week using the Kindle.

This charger works with 2nd generation and later models. The 1000 mA high output current charges at a quicker rate than average chargers. A full lifetime warranty is included. Quicker charging does not increase the chance of damage however. The gomadic rapid charger contains advanced internal circuitry that protects the device from surges, overcharging and short-circuits. In addition, the unit comes with a full lifetime warranty, so you are protected if anything goes wrong.

Lexerd – Kindle Accessories 
When it comes to Kindle accessories, this is a must. The Screen protectors work to prevent your Kindle from accidents. It may seem like $29.95 is a steep price to pay for the Amazon Kindle Reading Device TrueVue Crystal Clear Screen Protector by Lexard, but in comparison to the flimsy disposable $2 covers available elsewhere, this one is well worth the money.

The incredibly thin, transparent cover promises to keep the original color tones. It is warmth and moisture resistant and will not interfere with touch screen technology. It’s very thin at 0.2 mm and won’t inhibit the docking capabilities of the Kindle either. The precision fit of the screen protector protects the device from even the most potentially damaging scratches.

Scosche SolBAT II – Kindle Accessories 
For readers who enjoy hanging out at the pool or on the beach, this solar powered backup battery is ideal. While it goes without saying that traditional plug in chargers do not mix well around water, no outlet is required for this little battery backup.

The thing that makes this charger different than others is that it includes a built-in USB 2.0 port so that any device charger that uses a USB interface can be utilized. Therefore, the Kindle USB charger you purchased to charge off your computer works very well with this battery backup. The status light alerts both when it contains an incoming and outgoing charge. It’s a steal at $24.99, and you can use it for your Kindle as well as other devices you’ve got handy.

DigitalsOnDemand 14-Item Accessory Bundle – Kindle Accessories 
This bundle includes everything a new Kindle owner needs. It includes all the basic accessories that Kindle owners will require, and it costs just $29.99! That is what the case costs if bought by itself.

This kit is designed especially for the Amazon Kindle 3 3rd Gen Wireless Reading Device (6″ Display, 3G Global Wireless, Latest Generation). It includes the following items: a black silicone skin, white silicone skin, premium black leather case, screen protector, reading light, earphones, earphone Y splitter, AUX cable, wall charger adapter, car charger adapter, USB sync cable, retractable USB data cable, Ffishbone and a drawstring travel pouch for storing all of your travel cables.

Trendy Digital Waterproof Case:
Do any of your friends or acquaintances love to spend their days hanging out at the pool? Wouldn’t it be sad if they were not able to take their Kindle along with them? The Popular Digital Waterproof Case is the solution to this issue with a fashionable and effective answer. At a mere $19.99, this is like a personal guarantee to prevent accidents. Designed just for the Amazon Kindle DX, it is possible to operate the keyboard and navigation button without removing the case.

The UV-stabilized material will not decompose or fade in the sun. The WaterGuard is patented and shields your device from moisture, dirt, dust, sand, and cold. An adjustable strap is included, allowing you to wear it around your neck, leaving your hands free for other things. This is considered one of the top Kindle DX 9.7 accessories currently available.

Executive Case:
It only cost $19.99 for an executive case. Yes, this is correct. The Executive PU leather case was customized for the Amazon Kindle DX 9.7. Sidekick pockets are included for storage of SD cards, passports, credit/debit cards, notes, etc. and it features a foldable handle for ease in carrying the case. Inside, the microfiber lining offers protection to the DX so that it is less likely to be damaged. There is also a handy pen pocket. The zippered closure lets you use the case as a miniature briefcase while keeping the DX safe. Gomadic Rapid

Small, lightweight and sleek, the Gomadic Rapid Charger is quite portable, fitting with ease into a briefcase, so it saves you space as well as time. With a price tag of under $30, it is ideal for people who read multiple books each week on the Kindle DX 9.7. For faster charging, you need a 1000 mAh current. A complete lifetime warranty is provided. Increased charging doesn’t result in a higher level of damage, however. The Gomadic Rapid Charger includes advanced internal circuitry that shields the device from surges, overcharging and short-circuiting; plus, should anything go wrong, the device is covered by a full lifetime warranty.

Cole Haan Kindle Cover:
The Cole Haan Kindle Cover is made exclusively for the 9.7″ Display found on the latest and 2nd Generation Kindle DX. This cover has a hand-stained, hand-woven leather surface. Additionally, it features a goat-suede interior. This sophisticated product makes a statement of class and elegance. The Cole Haan line is considered one of America’s top luxury lines. They combine artisan-level skills with modern styles. With a price tag of $139.99, this is one of the best Kindle DX 9.7 accessories for any executive.

Protective Decals:
With protective decals, it is possible to personalize and protect your device simultaneously. Hundreds of decals can be purchased through for less than $20, with the Van Gogh Starry Night protective decal being just one example. Especially designed for the Kindle DX 9.7, they are among the best accessories for the Kindle DX 9.7. Their adhesive backing is not permanent, so they can simply be peeled off and replaced at any time. There is no sticky film left afterwards. This is a high-quality vinyl protective shield that is scratch-resistant. It is thin enough not to be problematic when most accessories are used, while being strong enough to protect the device from everyday wear and tear that makes it look worn.